Serge Benhayon’s Sayings, great philosophy on a whiteboard for our daily rhythm.

Shortly before starting my first year of university I decided to buy a medium sized whiteboard to hang on my study wall for quick notes and jottings alike. Little did I know how the intention would change and what the board would actually be used for...

During the days before my course started, I had nothing to write that related to my studies so instead, one day, I chose to write up a saying from Serge Benhayon’s Book number 6 – Esoteric & Exoteric Philosophy, ‘The Sayings’.

"In each life you are the sum total of your previous choices."

Serge Benhayon Esoteric & Exoteric Philosophy, p 278

This equation makes so much sense even if you are a not a lover of science, but how apt for a maths student like myself!

All members of the family household loved the first quote and I enjoyed having it up there in plain sight for the entire day, which naturally led to turning the white wipeable interactive surface into a ‘quote of the day’ board.

So every night before I go to bed, I write up a quote from ‘my’ great book Esoteric & Exoteric Philosophy ‘The Sayings’ for the next day for the household members and any visitors to see, read and feel.

Throughout the day, whether I am sitting in or passing through the room, coming home from work or my tutorials, working at my desk engaging in the latest research project and lifting my head for a moment, there are such profound and ocean-deep powerful words that meet and greet me, words that look back at me and always reflect something for me to deeply ponder on.

The alchemy in the words that Serge writes is something quite hard to describe, but much easier to feel.

"We can feel more than the eye can see."

Serge Benhayon Esoteric & Exoteric Philosophy

I am absolutely loving this little ritual of mine in my wind-down rhythm, and I am eternally grateful to Serge Benhayon for bringing through all these sayings (and much more) throughout the last 17 years, and for compiling them in a book that can be accessed by all and – at any moment.

I cannot recommend enough this gem of a book of jewel-like sayings. The whiteboard is not compulsory!

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  • By Michael Brown, Retail Manager and Maths & Stats University Student

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