'The Way It Is' has helped me deepen my understanding about myself, life and humanity

The Way It Is – a testimonial by Karoline Schleiffelder

'The Way It Is' has helped me deepen my understanding about myself, life and humanity

I read my very first book by Serge Benhayon, The Way It Is, when it was first published in 2006. I couldn’t wait to read it, but when I began I found it strange and at times laborious; however, I persisted because I felt it was of great value. I was challenged because I was not getting the feeling of pleasure, excitement or intellectual stimulation as I do with books that grab my interest. As I persisted there were moments where I felt challenged by what was said, and then there were moments where it felt so profound – as a feeling – yet my mind had no idea.

Seven years later, I have re-read this book, actually several times over the years, and each time I've read it it’s like reading a new book. On this occasion I took my time, treasuring every word and moment ... feeling the profoundness of it, complete understanding ... like standing under a waterfall, feeling the power of truth after truth pouring through me, resonating in me.

I find this with all the books written by Serge; I will read a page, a paragraph or even a word, and I feel like I have had a healing. It’s like the words have revealed to me what has been going on for me, to confirm me or give me insight into something I may have been stuck with, deepening my understanding about myself, life and humanity.

Reading Serge’s books is not just a dead experience where I lie there numbed in my body with an overstimulated mind, but a whole body and Soulful experience, feeling the richness of inspiration, the support and revelations they provide in my development as a student of life.

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  • By Karoline Pearson