A Life Turned Around

When I first met Serge Benhayon over 12 years ago, what he said to me made such common sense, it absolutely stopped me in my tracks, turned my life around and enabled me to re-evaluate my whole life, from the way I taught, what I presented, to the music I produced and how I lived and loved.

I became aware that there was a whole world of awareness about energy that I had not taken into account, or connected to, and that there was a much bigger picture of life that I could experience and be a part of. I could feel that I had the opportunity to truly heal that which inside of me had never healed, and that music could serve humanity in a way that was not yet being considered.

There was not an ounce of self or personal gain in Serge’s words, they resonated with the energy that comes from when you are living your truth and walking your talk. This ‘resonance of truth' is what really inspired me. I was seemingly successful in my line of work, but knew that there was more than this, and my eyes and heart opened to a personal development and understanding that was far richer than anything I had come across before.

I was one of the world's foremost teachers / ‘guru’ of sound healing, with my songs, chants, music and meditations being sung and listened to by tens of thousands of people around the world, being asked to work with the likes of Deepak Chopra, and tuning up conferences and events of up to 20,000 people. As my awareness of energetic integrity was awakened, album-by-album I withdrew my recordings from sale, until every bit of music I recorded was able to stand up to my own barometer of energetic quality.

I was now able to feel what was coming through music, beyond and beneath the melodies and harmonies. I could feel my old self with all its sadness and pride and prejudice, in everything I had written and recorded, and if I could feel it, then on some level others must. There was a defining difference between expressing feelings and dumping emotions on unsuspecting people, and it was this that I was experiencing through my music.

Although this awareness may seem unique and new, it is something that is happening all the time, and in fact has always happened, and now science speaks of the fact that energy moves within and without and has causal effects on everything.

My life was a freight train of momentum of dysfunction, and it was brought to a halt by observing one man living what he talked, that was – that we all lived equally within the heart of God, and that this was able to be connected to and felt, and the doorway to this, our soul, was not a big epic event, but a connection through gentleness with one’s own breath and heart.

In all the following years, I continue to observe the true inspiration that Serge presents to the world, it is what is needed now, a universal man with a living wisdom which makes us all equal in our path of reconnecting to our own true heart.

  • By Chris James, Musician, Singer, Voice & Expression Teacher