Esoteric and Exoteric Philosophy by Author Serge Benhayon

This book is more than a collection of sayings. It is a way to connect and have fun with the Ageless Wisdom, presented in a format that is easy to navigate and access as you feel to. Maybe you want to pick it up at a random page, maybe you want to read it straight through, maybe you want to read one section and ponder on its wonder and true amazingness.

I’ve done all these things at different times, and far from being a chameleon that switches and changes to suit the approach I come at it with, this book holds steady and consistently provides a quality of content I rely on when accessing its wondrous pages.

My wonder is also directed at Serge Benhayon, who holds such a way of being that he can bring through for all of humanity these amazing revelations and boundless wisdom.

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  • By Katherine Jones