A testimonial by Matts Josefsson on Serge Benhayon’s book The Way It Is

One of the most beautiful things I've ever read is a passage from the Book The Way It Is by Serge Benhayon, and it goes like this:

"When man tires of the inner agony of separation and the anguish that stems from the suffering of all his brothers, he will reclaim his inner-truth and no longer accept the Pranic Idealisation as the master over the puppet. He will rise within his own body and begin to reclaim the inner-light that is Divinely within. He will release the astral strings that control the puppet and the fiery vision will release him from the astral veil. The Illusion will cease and he will begin to express himself in true light and thus, his hierarchy will empower and inspire others. Such a man will be a great point of light on Earth. This light is the Messianic light that is within us all"

The Master Rakoczi (St Germain)

For me this paragraph says it all; no longer do I need to seek for anything to save me or take any anguish away. When I realise that I’m not a puppet in the wind, but have the full power within me to make all the changes, I can make my life one of truth.

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  • By Matts Josefsson