A Modern Day Miracle

My deep appreciation of Serge Benhayon and all that is Universal Medicine runs right to the centre of my very being, for it is Serge who is continually inspiring me to find my way back to my true and natural state of being through his healings, workshops and presentations. And what’s more, Serge and Universal Medicine are inspiring my entire family to come back to themselves, so that we can now continue to forge the true relationships we all long for.

We are a modern day miracle as far as I am concerned, for we were a family on the fast track to self destruction, not unlike many families around us who were also struggling to make sense of what seemingly can never be made sense of, when viewing the injustices of the world without having any understanding of why it is like it is.

Parenting in the ‘polar opposite’ of the way I was raised, I thought would save my kids from going through the low self worth and self loathing I felt as an adolescent. Ultimately, that proved futile as it was like applying the exact same lipstick in a different colour.

When my three daughters were young teenagers, I considered marijuana to be the lesser of two evils – the other being alcohol – both were the high school fad at the time and the smoking of marijuana kept them on the couch in their hangout room rather than drunk and in danger down on the beachfront, as was the trend. Through bitter experience I now know without a doubt that there is no such thing as a harmless drug.

To arrive at this point our family life had swung from being purists – vegan, raw food, yoga, home births, meditation, self righteousness, lethargy and obsession – when the kids were young, to later, as they hit their teens, resorting to the smoking of drugs, which did not displace the alcohol after all, resulting in emotional turmoil that was escalated by the mood swings that come with marijuana and the general madness that accompanies drug and alcohol abuse.

It seemed from the outside that whatever the current obsession or indulgence, we all did it together. There was not a parent in sight, just a tribe of wayward, very lost people. This was a very strange way of managing what I later was to refer to as ‘my seven years of hell’ with three girls in adolescence spiralling totally out of control, and a very sensitive young boy.

That is, until we met Serge Benhayon. . . and MET we were! Not for the totally loveless out of control way we were living, but instead recognised as the divine beings we all naturally are.

These days the complete turnaround that has occurred has become our norm and I find it is hard to believe at all that we ever lived the totally destructive way that we had. Serge showed us another way and we took it up and gave ourselves permission to step into another life. Each member of the family has stepped in to take responsibility for their own life as a direct result of meeting Serge who, I might add, never once judged us or preached to us; simply showed us ‘the way’ to reconnect to our true selves.

Through this connection and the support of Serge Benhayon, through healing sessions and presentations, I began to make total sense to what I was previously struggling to make sense of, which inspired me to change and halt my self-destructive ways; to swap the anxiety of nervous tension and high drama for the connection with self. One of the tools that supported the whole family in this process was the Gentle Breath Meditation®; the breathing of one’s own breath.

Following this revelation:

  • self care and self responsibility replaced irresponsibility and total disregard for self
  • developing and deepening this care replaced self loathing with truly loving oneself
  • the total lack of awareness we had of how our behaviour was impacting on ourselves, others and the community at large, was replaced with a strong commitment not only to self-responsibility, but to the responsibility of supporting others who are ready to make the same change
  • Having come to a greater awareness, I get a sense of what I have to contribute to the wider community

As I came to realise the futility of numbing old hurts with the substances and distractions that damage the precious human frame to a far greater extent than the pain we were trying to avoid in the first place, I noticed that my family members, all in their own time, came to the same awareness.

Twelve years down the track I am thriving in this re-connection – not perfect, but with a steadiness I never before had, as I now know, and can feel, who I truly am.

I am now totally committed to making ever more loving choices and letting go of even deeper hurts and comforts; allowing myself to fully understand what it means to be tender and caring with myself, so I can fully embrace the divine love within that Serge knew my family and I to be the moment he set eyes on us.

Personally, the joy I feel seeing all four of my children in loving committed relationships, drug and alcohol free, forever students of their own inner knowing, as taught by Serge Benhayon, is beyond what words can express. What more could a mother want?

What I am talking about is not a ‘happily ever after’ scenario but a real learning and growing, sustainable lifestyle that if kept to, can only expand, inspiring all who meet us to care for themselves in their own lives.

As a family we have been truly blessed to have been met by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine

  • By Kathleen Baldwin

  • Photography: Clayton Lloyd