Can we access the divine through the body?

Can we access the Divine through the body?

Can we access the divine through the body?

Deep within each and every one of us is a place of immense stillness and love.

This is the Divinity within us, which is never altered, never diluted, never lessened in any way, no matter what we may have been through or done in life.

The fact that we are Divine remains.

Whether we choose to live that, and express from that Divinity, or not, is up to us – as we have all clearly seen from the way people behave towards themselves and towards each other, on a tiny micro scale and on a huge, macro scale. It is clear that some people choose to express from that Divinity, and most certainly do not.

This choice, comes from Free Will – the ultimate example of true Love, as it allows us all the choice as to how we are going to express, whilst the Truth of who we are actually never changes.

The fact that we are love, and we are dearly and deeply loved, remains a constant, even when we act in such a way that is loveless.

We may think we are unlovable at times, and our thoughts towards ourselves can very often be of that nature,

but the fact that we are actually love never alters. Now that is worth deeply pondering on ...

The Divinity within us, is found within the body. The body, left alone to speak the truth it holds and knows, will tell us very clearly what is in reflection of our Divine nature, and what is not.

The body just says it --- in fact, it only speaks one language – the language of truth.

We can abuse it, in many shapes and forms – but it will always speak the truth – in terms of the way we feel afterwards. In other words, we take an action, but the body will clearly state the truth of that action and its impact on the body, by how we feel afterwards. Some of the body’s messages are subtle and perhaps quiet, whilst others, if we ignore the earlier more subtle ones, are very loud – and can even be a complete stop. We can attempt to hide or override them, but the body’s messages are always there – speaking the truth. In fact ...

"The body is the marker of all truth."

Serge Benhayon The Way of Initiation, p 602

We do not need to go very far to find truth. In fact, we do not need to go any-where. It is right there within us.

If we just let the body be, without imposition, without overriding – it settles into a natural state some call homeostasis, but it is actually far deeper than that.

Left to just be, the body is naturally extremely tender, very, very sweet and a vehicle to house the true light we all come from. Left to just be ourselves – we are gorgeous, connected and full of beauty – true beauty, that shines from the inside out.

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