To live as one connected to our Soul is the energetic responsibility of all of us.

The first book written by Serge Benhayon that I read was “The Way of Initiation – the Development of Energetic Awareness’. Wow! What a read! The whole book was talking to me – about me; my spirit and my soul and the difference between these two energetic states of consciousness.

The book opened a door to addressing my responsibility to evolve, to understanding the responsibility of energetic integrity that I hold in my daily life. I was being called to be more aware of the truth about intentions; that every thought, every movement, every action affects myself and everyone.

This book brought me to


If the inner-heart is the impulsing source of life, for any man, woman or child, the quality of their thoughts stem or emanate from that inner fiery place. Those thoughts will have love first, and thus, such thoughts will be all-encompassing (SPHERICAL). In the higher mind – naught is thought which does not contain all as its equal counterparts.’"

Serge Benhayon The Way of Initiation, ed 1, p 338

Here I was being encouraged to think bigger than me. This is a very different consciousness to the activity of service or doing things for others because it is felt to be the right thing. This takes self-responsibility to a much deeper level of awareness and detail. What I understood it to mean was that you can never have a private moment of anger, judgement, checking out, indulgence, without that choice affecting everyone else. That is everyone on the planet with us. It is very empowering to know that our choice of a quality of energy in every moment is for everyone else equally. This open-your-heart awareness is not the intelligence our society values or that we have prided ourselves on. For example, the book asks questions such as: "Is it intelligent to evolve from a spear and an arrow to remote-controlled nuclear warheads?"

In other words:

- are we evolving if we are not living harmoniously on the planet?

- what kind of reflection are we collectively sending out into the universe?

I had not been offered this deeper foundation in my former religion. For example, if the Catholic religion had kept up with science and quantum physics it would encourage us as equal sons of God to align ourselves to the order and harmony of the universe which is magnificent; and we are an integral part of this magnificence.

We are all one.

The Way of Initiation opens up much to contemplate about our world.

Recently, in the region where I live, there have been catastrophic floods. A friend shared how cheerful, practical and solid the SES (State Emergency Services) volunteers were who came to sandbag her home. Many people have had their homes and businesses destroyed or damaged. It has been heartening to see how communities came together after the cyclone had passed and the floodwaters had subsided to help each other with the cleanup. Some volunteers even dressed up in fancy costumes to bring some lightness to the situation.

We are all one.

What makes us less than One? Incarcerating beliefs hold us all back from living harmoniously as one humanity.

Our education systems have created competition, streaming of intelligence, IQ tests, ranking and scores, assessments and reports based on ‘getting it right’. All this may be necessary to prepare students for further study or work. However, many of us have felt ill-equipped to deal with all the other aspects of our lives – our relationships, self-worth, exhaustion, comparison, confidence, addictions to food or drugs or alcohol, loneliness, anxiety, parenting, etc.

Educating our children about energy and self-responsibility would provide a strong foundation for them to enter the world as adults. Bringing to their awareness that their intentions and actions affect everyone would be a game-changer. It is very empowering to develop inner knowing and trust. Learning to love ourselves enables us to be more compassionate and loving to others. The Way of Initiation presents us with the truth that we are all the same in our essence.

We are all one.

Here in Australia there are people from many parts of the world. My ancestors, like those of many, were boat people who came in large passenger liners, and in fact all people in Australia are boat people or aeroplane people, apart from the indigenous people who may have come in boats as well, as proposed in the scientific theory and Dreamtime stories of their ancestry. Nationalism is so last century. Racism still fights for supremacy in the face of a world screaming for inclusion and respect.

We are all one.

There is so much more to us than what has been dished out in our religions, education, media, social media and television. It is up to us to make the change. And I have found that it is so worth the discipline and self-reflection in order to enjoy expansion and true freedom – the confidence of knowing we all have a part to play in the world. We are each part of a much grander whole.

The Way of Initiation clearly explains how, by working diligently on ourselves with self-love, love builds and becomes selfless love in service.

We begin to live life for all.

This book has inspired me to embrace healing, learning, reflection, appreciation, trusting what I know to be the truth.

To initiate myself I live the principles of energetic integrity, energetic intention, self-love, self-responsibility, to the best of my ability and without perfection. If, once I have put down the book, it remains knowledge, I am denying myself the grand opportunity offered for my initiation or evolution.

And so, to live with that choice is mine every single day. As I deepen my relationship with my self and Soul, I am inspired by the realisation that we are all in this together – and working together we make a difference. Life is no longer all about me. And this is funny because the more I make my life all about me, the more it is lived to be all about all of us.

The Way of Initiation has given me foundations on which to build my life. This book spells out the truth of who we truly are and what we are here to do, all of us together.

We are all one.
We are all one Soul.

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  • By Bernadette Curtin, Masters in Fine Art Degree, BA, artist, tutor, writer, grandmother

    A woman of the world, learning about how life truly works and can be, joyful, harmonious and truly of service when I get myself out of the way. I love making new connections, the magical messages from nature, and walking the beach with a song in my heart.

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