Serge Benhayon’s books offer universal truth and wisdom for every day.

I read from one of Serge Benhayon’s books every night at bedtime without fail. At the moment I am finishing An Open Letter to Humanity, which is packed from cover to cover with revelation about everything that really matters in life. When I read it, I feel I am coming home.

Serge asks the questions that no-one else dares ask. Because of his love for humanity he is willing to expose the ignorance, irresponsibility and lovelessness that are rife in today’s society. He invites the reader to consider what life would be like if we were more caring towards one another, and if we brought the highest level of integrity and respect to the forefront of our relationships at home and at work.

Serge makes the enquiry about how we live as human beings deeply personal, and at the same time all-encompassing in addressing the patterns and behaviours that play out in society at large. He offers an unwavering reflection of truth with absolute authority because he knows it, he lives it and he is ever connected to a source of wisdom he continually reminds us is available to all.

So, no matter what kind of day I have had, when I read Serge Benhayon’s books at the end of every day, I go to sleep with the energy of a higher universal truth that I know deeply within, and in this there is a deep sense of coming home.

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  • By Janet Williams, BA Hons

    I find people fascinating, and love discovering how uniquely amazing we all are. Spending time surrounded by trees gives me perspective, as does looking up at the stars.