When considering our relationship with exercise and how we feel about exercise, there’s much to take into account beyond the practical activities to build our fitness of what, when, where and how much. The level of fitness or the physical strength and endurance we each require will vary from person to person and be in line with the physical requirements of our daily activities and feeling the needs of our body.

We may know a lot about exercise and what the physical benefits of exercise are, but still struggle to find the time and the commitment to exercising in the way our body truly needs. Alternatively, we may be so addicted to exercise that we need to do one, two or more hours of exercise every day, or exercise at excessive intensities to feel good about ourselves or not feel stressed or out of sorts.

Exercise can be a truly enjoyable and powerful tool to deepen our commitment and enjoyment in our everyday life and also to build self-confidence, self-worth and connect to and celebrate who we are!