What is convalescence?

What is Convalescence?

What is convalescence?

Convalescence is the time and the space we allow ourselves to recover from illness, injury or surgery and return to health. The time frame required in convalescence is different for each person, associated with many factors, including what condition we are recovering from. A doctor will generally give a time frame for the required rest needed, however we also have an equal responsibility to feel exactly what we need in this process.

The word convalescence conveys much more than simply physically recovering, although this is very important. It also offers us the opportunity to reflect on why we have been sick or needed surgery and to look at what changes we will make that will be more supportive for our bodies and our wellbeing in the future.

Convalescing can involve both accepting and letting go of what has occurred and of how our bodies are now. For example, someone who has had a stroke, there may be huge changes in the way their bodies are able to move, how they can talk and therefore how they are able to express themselves physically and verbally. This can be very difficult to accept, as the losses faced may be many.

With acceptance we are able to move forward with our physical recovery and with our lives, even if we see that there is a great deal of work ahead of us.

Convalescing is an opportunity to take care of our whole body and being, and exercise plays an important part in this.

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  • By Jennifer Smith, RN, B Nursing, Spec Cert Pall Care

    Jennifer works as a full-time palliative care nurse and loves it. She’s passionate about the way self-care and self-nurturing influences the way she cares for and supports others and how it provides a solid foundation for her to work from.

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