Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions about Sacred Esoteric Healing.

Frequently asked questions

The word Esoteric simply means to come from within. When we refer to the word ‘Esoteric’ in Sacred Esoteric Healing we refer to a connection to our inner-most nature. This inner-most nature is within us all and it is from this essence that we all have an ability to express wisdom. If we follow this inner knowing it inspires a way of living that supports our health and true well-being.

Sacred Esoteric Healing is a gentle healing modality that supports the re-connection to an individual's inner-most essence (who they truly are). Sacred Esoteric Healing not only provides an opportunity for a deep letting go of the everyday stress and tension held within the body but also supports us to change, transmute and re-configure the energetic impositions that we have absorbed or taken on from life. By taking the energetic stressors out of the body a natural flow and connection, to who we truly are, our essence, is once again established.

A Sacred Esoteric Healing practitioner has the role and responsibility to hold their client in equalness with love and compassion. A practitioner’s energetic presence is based on a connection to their inner-most, a connection clear from disturbance or disharmony, and thus holds a healing quality that is the foundation of any Sacred Esoteric Healing technique. During the hands on healing aspect of a session the practitioner will apply gentle healing techniques on a fully clothed client, which facilitates a client to discard the disharmony and stress from their life that has been stored within their body.

Sacred Esoteric Healing along with the other esoteric healing modalities respects a client’s choice to heal in their own time, and as practitioners, there is no agenda to impose wishes or hopes onto a client. The role of a Sacred Esoteric Healing practitioner is to provide an opportunity to re-introduce you to the real you, your essence, and from this connection to your essence, you have the clarity and wisdom to further develop your own healing as is right for you... In essence, you heal yourself.

One can be taught a technique in theory and or a principle, however the ingredient that activates the healing process within Sacred Esoteric Healing is the way in which the practitioners live their day to day. Every thought, action, feeling and movement holds an energetic quality. In other words, how a practitioner lives outside the treatment room walks right into the treatment room with them when they work.

This is not an exercise in perfection, and Sacred Esoteric Healing practitioners are real people, living real lives, with their own challenges. However, it is the willingness and commitment of a practitioner to live in connection to their inner-most essence that establishes a harmony that deepens the more it is lived. This brings a certain quality of stillness and calmness that is therefore felt, received and transferred in all interactions with others.

Some people learn Sacred Esoteric Healing to assist their families and friends with connection and healing and or to learn to assist in their own development and gain a greater understanding and clarity within life. Others decide to become practitioners of the ancient art of Sacred Esoteric Healing. We all have an innate essence that when connected to and lived provides a point of healing, therefore the ability to provide a point of healing for another is a natural ability within us all, and no single one has this ability more than any other.

Sacred Esoteric Healing works on the principle of connection, a re-connection to our natural expression that is found in our inner-heart. Esoteric healing does not call in or channel into your body any energy that is outside of yourself therefore you are always healing from the inside out, supported by the presence of your practitioner.

It is here that a client is supported to know and feel that they are never broken and they are never in need of becoming ‘more’ or ‘better’ in any way. That they are always whole and enough and that any sadness, anger, hurt or lack of confidence is an outer layer, capping or tainting your natural expression and never actually a true representation of who you are.

During a Sacred Esoteric Healing session a client has the opportunity to connect deeply to their essence. This is a feeling that is often familiar but lost and misplaced in everyday life. The willingness to hold this connection or sense of self in everyday life is the first and most vital step to living in connection to your essence.

The more that this is sought the more awareness that a person brings to that feeling of connection, we can start to identify those triggers and experiences that contribute to this connection being lost. As we take responsibility for our part in letting life affect us and all the ways we have lived from outside our inner-most - the steps for living a soulful connection emerge. This is a personal unfolding as our path away from our soul-fullness has been a specifically personal journey.

There are many contributing factors in the way we are living our daily life, from the expectations we place on ourselves and that from others, causing stress, anxiety, overwhelm, exhaustion to name just a few. There are many ideals and beliefs that people take on that result in much disharmony and un-ease in our bodies and affect our well being and general disposition. Day to day life can make us lose touch with ourselves.

Sacred Esoteric Healing provides an opportunity to let go of the everyday stresses that we have taken on, to feel deeply supported by the practitioner, to reconnect to your stillness (many have commented that this is deeply relaxing) and therefore to feel more of a connection to your natural essence providing a new “marker” of feeling more of you in your body. From this new “marker” in your body the opportunity is there to honour that feeling by the way we care for, nurture, and support ourselves, and our health on a deeper level. The more we experience those “markers” of connection – the more we tend to want to spend time in that space. As we do so, our periods of connection develop – from the initial moments which feel great to something that is sustained for much longer periods, until that connection becomes our way of life. That is The Way of The Livingness.

Sacred Esoteric Healing is a complement to medical treatment, and never a replacement for it. Sacred Esoteric Healing practitioners do not diagnose and they do not cure. However, Sacred Esoteric Healing practitioners and the Universal Medicine Therapies are taught as true complementary modalities, and therefore, practitioners are willing to work with a client, their medical and health professional/s and enduring illness or ailment when and if such treatments are in the client’s best interest.

Many people attest to the benefits of the complement of the two, which you can read about in the client testimonials section. Sacred Esoteric Healing works alongside and in conjunction with conventional medical support providing a complementary healing approach to your medical treatment process, and is especially supportive in the recovery period.

Sacred Esoteric Healing practitioners work together with your GP and or medical specialists with many Sacred Esoteric Healing practitioners having established long-term relationships with doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and other health professionals. The approach to sessions is determined on a case-by-case basis, depending on the medical treatment/condition being experienced and the particular needs of the client.

This link will take you to detailed information on the Universal Medicine Therapies and via this link you can book in to attend workshops and train with Universal Medicine.

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