Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy

Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy is a very delicate form of manual therapy where the practitioner applies very gentle anticlockwise movements to the client’s body, which helps enhance the natural flow of energy and fluids throughout the connective tissue. This supports the body to release any areas of tension and hardness which helps restore the body’s natural balance within the organ systems and the musculoskeletal system.

Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy works with all the connective tissue throughout the entire body. When we are born we are one body of connective tissue, as we grow that connective tissue is the foundational tissue of every part of the body. In the body’s supportive framework it is a matrix-like web of soft tissue that connects muscles, tendons and bones. It holds the shape of all the organs and provides a network for fluid, nutrients and hormones to travel through and support all the physiological systems in the body. The connective tissue is very sensitive tissue and is fluid and flexible in its ideal state, supporting the body to move in a flexible, pain free way. If there is sustained physical or emotional strain this tissue may harden or thicken, which over time can lead to organ system problems or physical problems such as pain, stiffness with decreased mobility and decreased coordination, balance and flexibility.

This very delicate therapy focuses on the connective tissue and many experiencing this therapy have reported a softening and releasing of areas of thickened tissue and energetic stagnation, and have also reported that their body has been left feeling lighter and more balanced.

Clients report an ability to deeply relax and ‘let go’ in Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy. They often comment on the feeling of spaciousness and fluidity in their bodies and many say they have never felt that light and at ease in their own body.

Helping clients feel a greater connection with their body and the possibility of spaciousness and lightness that can be felt, helps them to build a greater relationship with their body in everyday life, instead of just doing what needs to be done in life regardless or irrespective of the body (and often at its expense). Having that feeling of spaciousness and ease of movement can lead clients to want to take increased responsibility for how they are with their bodies in daily life. Many start to ask questions about their body, their self-care and lifestyle choices in order to support a greater care for themselves and their bodies.

This therapy, like all Universal Medicine Therapies does nothing ‘to’ the client; the practitioner simply presents the treatment, with their connection to the rhythm and flow in their own connective tissue, which offers the client the opportunity to surrender and experience the same in their body.

As in all Universal Medicine Therapies, it is the client’s body that heals itself from the client choosing that and not from the practitioner treating for an expected outcome. The practitioner merely presents, without imposition, a quality of life that is lived in their body that, via their energetic connection with the client in the treatment, inspires the client to heal. This is the hallmark of all Universal Medicine Therapies.

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  • Photography: Clayton Lloyd