Being a Sacred Esoteric Healing practitioner is not just for treatment rooms

Being a Sacred Esoteric Healing Practitioner is not just for the treatment room

Being a Sacred Esoteric Healing practitioner is not just for treatment rooms

I have been a health and wellbeing practitioner for 16 years now. I took a sabbatical from working in the corporate world in my late 20s to work in Aromatherapy Massage and Reiki. I expanded into ayurvedic medicine, then remedial sports and pregnancy massage and palliative care. I had a busy practice but found I had a limited number of days that I could work, due to the energy it took out of me.

When I came to Sacred Esoteric Healing it offered me a marker that was unlike any I had felt in my previous training.

First and foremost, the courses offered me an understanding of how to live with the care and tenderness I applied to others in my treatments, and give it to myself, and therefore, see what effect this had on my treatments. The difference was so enormous it surprised me.

It started in the small things, like how I set up my day and how attached I was to being my clients' saviour – yes I know, very exhausting!

My approach to any massage or healing I did involved less ‘trying’ and ‘solution-based’ routines and more connection with the body. Much simpler! As a result I had more energy. I started to observe clients' ailments and worries instead of taking them all on – in effect the way I used to practise meant I had absorbed them like a sponge.

Training as a Practitioner with Universal Medicine brought energetic responsibility into my life. This responsibility was something that no other modality taught me. The Esoteric Practitioners Association* has a code of ethics far higher and more stringent than any other Association I was a member of.

I felt my clients deserved what I wanted to receive myself from a practitioner – a gentleness, tenderness and care that came from a way of living that was totally natural. It was not something I turned on when I went to work and turned off when I left, but a commitment to live that as my 'normal'. No perfection but a willingness to be open.

My practice has changed over the years. I have returned to the corporate world with my healing practice now working around those commitments. Yet I do not consider myself any less of a practitioner. My focus on my care for myself is no less just because I am not seeing clients on a one to one basis. My care for others is no less because they are not on a healing table or asking me for help.

Training as a Sacred Esoteric Healing Practitioner has given me an opportunity to live life more committed to myself and others, which I believe has benefited all around me. After all – why leave it in the treatment room?

*The EPA is a branch of Universal Medicine. It was instigated by Universal Medicine to monitor and accredit the modalities that were founded by Universal Medicine.

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  • By Lucy Dahill, Writer, office worker, student youth worker, practitioner and lover of life!