Our ability to heal unresolved hurts and blockages

Are we aware of our ability to heal unresolved hurts and blockages?

Our ability to heal unresolved hurts and blockages

When we consider our ability to heal it’s important to recognise that healing can take place on both a physical and energetic level. Whilst we may be more aware of the physical aspects of our health (as there is no getting away from the fact that we are hurt if we see blood, or feel an acute pain), it’s super important to understand and appreciate that we also have the ability and opportunity to heal energetically – which, simply said, is the nominating and discarding of unresolved hurts and blockages – anything that does not belong in our body – and realising their energetic root cause.

What is important for us to observe here is that whilst on a physical level we are immediately alerted from our body when there is a problem – through a physical pain, seeing blood etc – we don’t have the same obvious warning that something needs attention energetically. It’s up to us to deepen our awareness and understanding through deepening the relationship with our body, which then allows us to explore the many layers of healing that are available to us and also, to appreciate how everything is interconnected. If we only address healing on a physical level and don’t also consider why it occurred energetically, we are only addressing one aspect of the healing process rather than the whole.

On a physical level, when we feel unwell do we ask ourselves; ‘should I go to the doctor?’ ‘Is it bad enough for me to need prescription medication to help me get better’ or, ‘I have no idea what is wrong with me, but I’m worried it might be serious’. These are all questions that we may consider. However, it’s interesting to note that with these questions our immediate reaction is to feel that we need to seek help, rather than considering that we may already be very well equipped to know a lot more than we think we do about what’s going on with our body and why we are feeling the way we do.

If we ‘abuse’ our body it’s very logical that it will affect our health, not only physically, but also our mental wellbeing. This seems a pretty simple and obvious outcome, yet we have a great propensity to convince ourselves otherwise. We can ‘tell’ ourselves that we can get away with x,y or z, but the truth is every single choice we make is registered in the body and that choice brings about a consequence which is either healing or harming, whether we choose to be aware of this or not.

Everything affects every thing; the way we treat and care for ourselves affects our health, which in turn impacts on how we feel about ourselves, physically and mentally. This then has a huge impact on the choices that we make and so the cycle continues.

This begs the question, why aren’t we taught this as children; why don’t we all already live with this understanding and awareness? It’s as though we have been conditioned from young not to take responsibility for the way we are living.

A great example is the offering of sweets to children when they hurt themselves. The intention may be to placate and distract the child so that their wounds can be attended to, which of course is important to do. However, by offering sweets we plant the seed that the child was ‘unlucky’ to have had the accident, without supporting them to consider that everything happens for a reason and that the reason they fell was a consequence of a choice they had made earlier. As we gently dress their wounds it’s a perfect opportunity to explore how they were before they fell. Perhaps they became distracted and unaware of the time so they ran to avoid being late. It’s not only supportive but also reassuring for children to understand that they can take responsibility for how they live, and to understand that all their choices have an outcome and that being aware of their choices allows them to avoid certain consequences.

Rather than being taught and empowered to question and learn from what our bodies are trying to communicate with us, offering children sweets to distract and soothe them is encouraging us all to disregard the innate intelligence of the body and instead to ‘think’ that things just randomly happen to us, allowing us to avoid asking the important and revealing questions such as;

Why am I feeling this way?

What have I eaten that is causing me to have these stomach pains?

Is there a deeper level of care and presence that I can go to with myself which will then prevent me from being in such a rush so I’m less likely to bash my knee on the table, or bump my head on the cupboard?

We are extremely adept at telling ourselves ‘stories’, at justifying why we can still eat certain foods when every time we do we have a reaction in our body – which is our body’s way of making it very obvious that we should NOT continue to eat that particular food.

When we’ve grown up being given things to distract us from feeling the pain of our injury or illness, it would be unsurprising if we viewed being sick or injuring ourselves as anything other than an annoyance, something negative that gets in the way of doing what we ‘want’ to do. What if it’s actually the complete opposite; an opportunity for us to stop and consider the truth behind why it’s happened, to trace back our movements, look at what we have eaten or drunk, to actually realise that our body is raising an alarm to alert us to the fact that something is not ok?

What a gift, and an invitation for healing.

We can learn so much just by choosing to listen to what our bodies are trying to share with us. Being open to the possibility that the quality of our health is a direct result of the quality of our ‘livingness’, the next step for us in order to initiate healing is to actively choose to be honest with ourselves about how we are choosing to live. We may feel a tension creep in here as whilst we do actually know what the truth is, we also know that by choosing to take better care of ourselves this will necessitate letting go of our errant ways, which we may well ‘think’ we have enjoyed.

Yet it will also be clear to us at this stage that those choices have come at a cost to our body and our health. It becomes a simple and binary choice; do we actually want to improve our health, how we feel about ourselves, honour the beauty and tenderness that exists within, be a role model for our children and everyone else on how to live life being true to who we are and moving in a way that honours that absolute exquisiteness from the inside out, or would we rather continue to live with our blinkers on, making up reasons and justifications as to why everything is ok when deep down we know it’s not?

If the answer is ‘yes’, then with that choice and commitment we are giving ourselves permission to connect with our body on a whole new level; to feel and appreciate the intricate way in which it is constantly working 24/7 to restore harmony within, irrespective of how hard we may work to disrupt this balance. Instead of looking for answers and guidance outside of ourselves, we realise that our body will only ever communicate the truth to us.

Everything we need to know is already known within, and our only choice is to connect with that truth to the best of our ability. It’s never about perfection, rather a willingness to want to live in a way that nourishes our body and appreciates who we truly are, physically and energetically.

When we choose to live our lives from the inside out, it’s incredible the shifts and changes that are felt. We may find that we don’t have to choose not to eat something, as we simply don’t have the desire to eat it anymore.

We may become more tender and delicate and be more present in our movements resulting in far less sprained ankles or bruised limbs. Aside from these physical changes, we can also experience a beautiful deepening in our relationships, starting with the one with ourself.

When we find ourselves reacting to a certain situation, we have the opportunity to look at what the root cause of that reaction really is. It may not actually have anything to do with what happened at all but expose that we have a deep sensitivity around a certain issue, caused by a hurt that we never fully resolved. By acknowledging this, by starting with nominating the hurt, we can then give ourselves the opportunity to deepen our understanding of what was really going on for all parties, to stop personalising what happened and thereby allow ourselves the opportunity to let it go. Not only have we then healed a hurt that would have continued to provoke a reaction in us, but we’ve also deepened our understanding for ourself and for others.

When we witness another having what may appear to us as being a very disproportionate reaction to something, we can now understand that there may be a lot more going on deep within for that person that they may not even be aware of themselves.

Embracing our ability to heal enables us to appreciate that we are so much more powerful and magnificent than we have allowed ourselves to realise.

Nothing can ever come close to being as amazing as our simply choosing to live the truth of who we are. Our ability and willingness to heal enables a continuous deepening within, allowing us to discard what doesn’t belong, making more space for the love that we already are, enriching all of our relationships and inviting others to consider that there is another way to live in this world, one that honours us for all that we already are.

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