Renunciation is part of healing

Renunciation is part of healing

Renunciation used wisely and lovingly can be accessed as an important aspect of our growth and evolution, and as a continuum of dedicated practice on a path of healing. This means that there is much to be identified in the practice of renunciation and taken advantage of for advancement in terms of our own development, leading us to new levels of awareness and realisations that inform a greater way of living and wellbeing.

What is renunciation?

Renunciation in its true activation is an expression of divinity, a blessing, as it separates what is not Soulful from the integrity of that which is.

A true act of renunciation is a letting go of ideals and beliefs and a relinquishing of ways of being that are no longer relevant or supportive/healing for the next level of your living. It is the ability to identify the intent behind patterns of behaviour, to observe how and what you have been expressing and consuming within your life and reconcile whether it is true or loving for you to continue in these ways any longer. By doing so, the act of renunciation becomes a standard setter; a continual introduction of new and loving markers from the greater awareness you receive in living your life lessons. This then enables you to establish and renew more loving and true ways of living, helping support you to remain consistent and solid on your true path in life.

With this realisation the importance of renunciation is further revealed; we use renunciation as a tool only because it is needed to bring us back into the fold of our true path, a Divine path, as we lose our way and separate from the call of our true path in the first place.

Therefore, renunciation is a starting point of healing – to restore us back to our path of evolution and the re-connection with our Soul, and whatever this Soulful life has in store for us.

What is the purpose of renunciation?

Renunciation is a way of reining in and ‘setting straight’ the personality and the separated ego that is always on an individual journey, defending its right to stray away from the Truth – a connection to our Soul. It exposes the wayward, reckless and often devious way this aspect of our psyche called the ‘spirit’ is motivated to thwart a person’s divine path in life. It sounds ridiculous to imagine that there would be a part of us that would knowingly and deliberately sabotage our own development and growth, or harm and disregard the preciousness of our own body, yet we all can acknowledge and attest to moments when we have allowed, supported and fully sanctioned these acts to occur: wandering down a divergent pathway, sustaining habits that we consciously know are unhealthy, ignoring all the red flags in a struggling relationship, or risking and daring to deviate on a tangent that will amount to no good.

Within true counseling and healing, the client has the space to open up and expose with full transparency the skillful and underhand inner-workings of their own spirit (the ever persistent and negligent character within us), and trap and halt its harmful intent. With a new and heightened awareness, the greater purpose of renunciation can begin, working towards offering a true change.

Through addressing what has to be renounced with sensitivity, clarity, coherence and no judgement, what is no longer important to engage with or to be a participant of can be let go of simply and with ease. No need to react to the fact that you got caught up with, or distracted by, or have taken on or copied someone else’s apparent truth or ethics, or chose to ignore your own inner voice; these moments can just be released without a second glance or sense of holding onto pride, or misgiving.

Renunciation and its relationship with healing

We can often feel blocked or stuck in repetitive patterns that can feel abusive or detrimental to our life’s path and our relationships. Once we become aware of these discordant beliefs, ways of thinking or behaviours, exposing them is a greater and deeply honouring part of the healing process, and therefore renunciation can be seen and employed as a calling on of an internal strength to fight and debase what we are experiencing and or perceiving as weaknesses. An occasion to discontinue and detach from the allures and pitfalls that our spirit can willfully fall into; the disruption, abuse, stagnation, complication, over-stimulation, greed, resistance, and deception. In understanding its application, it therefore has a deconstructing aspect which can make clear any idealistic pictures of life, goals or fantasies that we have fallen for and given our power away to so that we can return to our truth and not be taken for a ride by something that has over-stimulated us or taken us down a rabbit hole.

Renunciation cannot transpire without the absolute honesty and humility to nominate or offer up for self-reflection anything that is outside of an alignment with the natural order and harmony of the Soul. This reveals the enormous responsibility that is there when we renounce; it has to be undertaken with absoluteness, otherwise it is purposeless and empty and we are just kidding ourselves.

We have to confront the careless and irresponsible attitude of our spirit with directness and loving discipline, otherwise the charade and cover-up of the truth of what’s really happening will easily and invariably continue. Once we become aware of these discordant beliefs, ways of thinking, or behaviours, exposing them is a greater and deeply honouring part of the healing process, as it immediately releases what is not true out of the body, so that the body and the mind can settle equally with what is true.

Understandably there is enormous healing to be gained in this process, as there is great strength to be accessed in making a stand for anything that is not true and communicating this out into this world on an energetic level – and our bodies resonate and reverberate from connecting to this strength and igniting our potential, as it aligns us more resolutely with our Soul. We also allow an inspiration in reflection through the living example of being a person willing to stand for truth in a private or public arena: these moments do not go unnoticed by others, especially in a world that is scarce of true role-models.

What gets in the way?

It can sometimes be difficult to allow the full realisation that we are harming ourselves or harming others with our actions, habits or expression. On some level however, let’s call it an unconscious knowing, we do know everything that is the real truth, but to let it sift through to our conscious awareness – living the reality of ‘knowing’ what we now know is harming us and potentially others we are in relationship with – is then a ‘knowing’ we cannot escape from. It is a stop moment of accountability that reveals the totality of our spirit’s lies and even worse, how long we have been deluding ourselves.

Consequently, it is obvious there can be strong resistance to allowing ourselves to realise the truth we already know. It sometimes seems easier, more preferable and way more interesting if we are invested in life being dramatic and exciting; to instead choose to go into blind ignorance, defend, create a myriad of interwoven lies, make excuses, blame others, and procrastinate before we will surrender to the truth. Clearly this path is void of the simplicity and humility and advancement that renunciation uniquely offers.

In part, some of the reaction, reluctance and resistance to the true value of renunciation has also occurred from the obfuscation of the true meaning of the word in our education and the historical tainting and distortion of the word and its attributes, which have diverted many on an untrue path.

For example, the word is stigmatised with quite intense religious connotations that purport beliefs founded on a punishment of self, using control and austerity; a belief of being a sinner and having to renounce your sins and indulgence based desires, and this is such a degrading of the action of divinity that renunciation is. Or when we are sold the gameplan every year on New Year’s Eve of preparing a list of resolutions to renounce for the year ahead, reducing the act into a flirtation by the spirit to have a quick fix or a surface solution, rather than addressing with responsibility what the real lesson is in this moment.

Without the focus of integrity there is a guaranteed setup by the spirit to fail the test of renunciation, as what usually occurs is that people become lost in the challenge of trying to live this consistently within the first few weeks and cannot, thereby providing ‘proof’ that renunciation is impossible to do and doesn’t actually work, when in fact it is a bastardised version of what renunciation is in the first place.

Often the intent to renounce habits and behaviours that are not serving anymore can frequently be stronger than the actual resolve to apply and live what is required and needed for a behaviour to be truly renounced. This is a corruption of the beauty of its truly transformational qualities, and a reducing of the intention to renounce something into an action of retribution and not the amazing healing that can transpire from the instigation of a true communication of renunciation.

It is amazing to consider the quality and integrity that the expression of renunciation can offer us in our lives. It can be lived in a regular rhythm that challenges us to renounce, let go of, re-imprint and feel the upgrade within the context of our daily lives and ongoing life lessons, and if lived with this responsibility there is a continual feel of growth and evolution experienced. We steer ourselves closer and deeper towards love, leaving behind what is less than love, feeling lighter in our lives and our relationships. There is also a sense of an expanding awareness and ability to explore and connect to deeper insights and wisdom, and in doing so we can harness the true power of healing.

Renunciation, if acted on with reverence and integrity of expression, is a tool for transcending and reclaiming back the real truth of who we are born to be.

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  • By Gabrielle Caplice, Sacred Esoteric Healing Practitioner and Relationship Counsellor

    Gabe loves working with, connecting to, and understanding people. Together with her life partner Annette Baker, learning all there is to uncover about love and relationships is her life's work.

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