Sacred Esoteric Healing – True health care

The Sacred Esoteric Healing modalities and philosophy as taught by Universal Medicine are a revelation in all that we think we know about health-care and well-being.

Since studying these modalities and the way of life that essentially accompanies them (in order to practice them fully with integrity), my life and my practice as a practitioner have been transformed.

Prior to coming into contact with Universal Medicine, I was a good physiotherapist with naturally proficient manual skills and knowledge of anatomy and physiology.

  • However, I was constantly struggling with the problem of how to cope with the daily pressure and onslaught of patients with their physical and emotional issues which seemed to constantly threaten to overwhelm me.
  • I felt exhausted and inadequate most of the time, despite my extensive and professionally thorough training.
  • My personal life was tumultuous and confused to be honest, as I really did not know who I truly was.
  • I was a master of playing whatever role or cameo performance the person I was with needed at the time – whether that be a partner, a patient or family and friends – I had a different hat for them all and did a great job (or so I thought) at keeping them all happy, or more importantly, happy with me.

As I write this now I can feel just how exhausting and consuming this was and it really was like walking on a tightrope all the time. I lived with a large degree of anxiousness constantly – that I would make a false move, an error, or slip up and someone would maybe see through my charade or even worse, see the real me, and maybe they would not like what they saw.

  • This was all going on in the background of an otherwise busy and functional life and probably does for many people.
  • I had no major medical conditions. I was the perfect image of health, youth and fitness (I was running marathons and climbing mountains).
  • I was, and still am, very intelligent and capable of engaging almost anyone in a complex or meaningful conversation no matter what the topic. I thought I was successful at life and on many superficial levels I was.

However, I was not so successful at relationships. My uneasiness, my anxiety, my charades and role play would invariably, and inevitably, come unstuck and my reluctance to really open up and connect, especially with women, would end in relationship breakdowns.

In truth I was deeply unhappy and lacked a lot of confidence in myself and in others. I would often alienate, push away and bully people, but at the same time lacked any real backbone when it came to standing up for truth or love and would often let people down when they really needed me to stand up against unloving or dishonest behaviour.

I was introduced to Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine through a physiotherapy colleague and I immediately recognised something of immense value and power. I was curious but skeptical at first as I had already been down a number of complementary health and Eastern religion roads before then which had all disappointed.

However during my first two Sacred Esoteric Healing courses in 2006, I felt something that I simply could not deny ...

I felt a level of stillness and calm and connection and contentment with myself that I suddenly realised I had missed for a long time.

It felt great but I freaked out and so walked away for two years and did not continue the training. However even during those two years I could feel I was building on something that had been founded in me on the first two courses. There was a constant itch to know more, to explore this further. So I continued my training in 2008 and have continued to this day.

Today I feel a level of connection with myself and confidence that cannot be denied by myself or others.

  • My relationships have never been better and I feel closer and more connected to my family, friends and partner.
  • The levels of my anxiety and uneasiness have not disappeared completely but are much lower.
  • I am working the hardest I have ever worked in my life as a father of two young children and the owner of a small health care business, but I have more energy than I have ever had in my life.

I have not perfected it but I have found a new confidence in being the true me most of the time, and it feels great to be me – I have no desire to return to the roles I used to play.

Sacred Esoteric Healing as taught by Universal Medicine has transformed the way I practice as a Physiotherapist.

It has expanded the quality and the depth of my healing by teaching me what true self-care is and just how important and essential it is for a practitioner to live what they present.

I have a new level of commitment and responsibility towards my clients and humanity as a whole.

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