How to have fun while preparing to pass over

How to have fun while preparing to pass over

How to have fun while preparing to pass over

It can be fun preparing for passing over.

That might sound crazy because passing over is usually perceived as something scary, unknown, surrounded by sadness and often suffering and misery. So many people do not want to deal with it or prepare their affairs for it – like wills, medical directives etc. Many don’t even want to talk about it.

Passing over is a very normal process. We all do it and have done many times in previous lives. I needed a little kick in the form of a terminal cancer diagnosis to actually do it and I got a lot of joy out of it.

After living with cancer for over 14 years and having learned a lot about myself – and The Ageless Wisdom – I was not stressed or panicked anymore. And I had just learned in one of Serge Benhayon’s Ageless Wisdom Teaching presentations that the energy and the way in which we pass over and leave our matters behind is how we (or what we) come back to next life.

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Why we need to commit to life to the very end

The way we live and die in this life has a bearing on our next life.

In the process of bringing my papers, affairs and belongings into order, I realised that there is no reason to wait with this until you are either very old and possibly sick or tired, or are suddenly told that you might have only a short time left.

You can enjoy the order and clarity that results from being prepared for death and have your house cleaned and cleared out, at any age and time of life. Most people don’t like to consider this but anything can happen at any time – an accident and you might be either dead or disabled, in a coma, and unable to deal with these matters.

It does not matter if I have a few months or years left. I am ready within myself and prepared with all worldly matters. And that feels just great! When the time comes that I can’t deal with papers and belongings anymore I can just focus on surrendering and being with the process and keep doing/being what I am still able to. I won’t have to push myself or my body.

So I recently started sorting out, clearing and bringing into order my papers, my house, including garage and under the house. If you feel daunted by de-cluttering your house, there is great help available on and offline. I made sure I was not expecting myself to do it all in a couple of days.

So I did a cupboard at a time, maybe a couple of drawers, and slowly worked my way through the house. This way I was not overwhelmed with making too many choices and letting go of things. I felt so good doing it that I looked forward to the next day clearing another area.

And it felt quite easy to let go of things, easier than I remembered from previous de-cluttering efforts. I pulled so much stuff out and got rid of it, and I keep going through things once in a while because each time I am able to let go of more stuff. I couldn’t believe how many things I keep around me that I never use, and all the ‘dust catchers’ I call them, crystals, statues, knick-knacks… I did not get rid of everything. I decided to keep some things that feel good and I like.

It was and is just wonderful to feel the increased clarity and simplicity around me after each area is completed. Why would you wait to have that in your life?

To get and have all my needed papers filled out and ready (my will, medical directives, enduring guardian, power of attorney, a list with what is where including passwords, accounts and numbers, who to notify after I pass over…) gave a feeling of completion, peace of mind and readiness.

Most people aren’t aware of the level of detail required to pass over. For instance, most people don’t even know what an enduring guardian is.

An Enduring Guardian ensures that your medical wishes are carried out when you can no longer communicate them. These wishes have been written down in an Advanced Medical Directive, which is a legally binding document in the State of New South Wales, Australia.

The Power of Attorney (POA) on the other hand looks after your financial and material matters when you can’t do it yourself anymore. The Executor of your will plays another role again; they make sure the wishes in your will are honoured after you have passed over.

For me I feel these were all matters I tended to avoid and also I was not aware of the importance of expressing my last wishes clearly and precisely and how I want to be cared for and die. And I was not aware of the responsibility of what I was leaving behind for others to deal with.

I have no children so did not have to consider them in my will. But if I did, I would have felt deeply into whom I really wanted to look after my kids should I suddenly not be able to. I would have put that clearly on paper and not leave it to the authorities or others to decide what happens to my children, which makes it even more important to get everything legally onto paper, at any age… well, any adult age.

It is good to review all those papers once in a while and also feel deeply into who you feel is best to be your power of attorney or your enduring guardian. Your circumstances and connection to people can change over time and your papers will need to be adjusted to reflect these changes.

Since my physical family are all in Germany it was easy to not get caught in the pressure of the conventional ways to automatically put certain family members in certain positions such as your POA, Enduring Guardian or Executor. I deeply feel that I can totally trust the people I chose to do their best to adhere fully to my wishes.

I also bought already my coffin. Since it was not so easy to get one for my friend Judith, who passed over two and a half years ago, I felt to be prepared so I wouldn’t have to deal with it last minute. It was not easy to find someone who was willing to sell one coffin. The companies making them don’t want to sell only one because they are under pressure from the funeral directors to sell only wholesale to them. The funeral companies don’t want them to sell coffins to individuals because they don’t want to lose the business when people do their own funerals. I managed to get a single cardboard coffin that is now in my garage. I am using it for storage until the time comes that my friends will put me into it.

The way I perceived and felt about the preparation for my passing over is based on the Teachings of the Ageless Wisdom presented by Serge Benhayon and supported by my attitude and understanding about death and dying. I am accepting and ok with the fact that I will die, if that is sooner or later, and I have fully surrendered to that. I feel it as a natural part of my cycles of lives.

At this point I feel to focus on opening and deepening my expression and to share more of myself with friends, community and humanity. And to share what I’ve learnt, to be where I am now from where I have been – now living in a full, purpose-full, loving and joy-full way – a total life change.

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  • By Ingrid Langenbruch, Former health practitioner, founder and director of a Wellbeing Centre in Sydney, retired

    Ingrid has always had an interest in Truth, the purpose of life and inner health, not only physical health. Through the studies of the esoteric Ancient Wisdom presented by Serge Benhayon she has found what she was searching for all her life.

  • Photography: Clayton Lloyd