Our bodies are mirrors or messengers of how we are living

In the modern world today there is more information accessible than ever before. Medicine, health and wellbeing are certainly no exceptions. These days you can ‘google’ just about any medical condition or symptom.

Although some may be tempted to diagnose or treat themselves from the Internet, we would not advise doing so and professional advice is always recommended. However, the fact remains that we have more information literally at our fingertips about health, wellbeing and medicine than at any other time in history.

But where has all this information got us? Has it actually improved our overall health and wellbeing?

Despite this mountain of information, knowledge and research, the rates of illness and disease continue to rise. If our health as a human race was a company we would seriously be in danger of going bankrupt.

So what is going on? There must be something missing in our approach to health and medicine?

We have forgotten one of the simplest and most powerful forms of medicine that exists – listening to the wisdom of our bodies.

Our bodies are fragile, delicate, sensitive and extremely responsive to everything that is happening inside and/or around them. They are constantly communicating with us every moment of every day. From an aching back, tiredness, anxiety, tension, painful joints, diarrhoea, headache, a cold, rash and so on – these are all messages from our bodies telling us essential information.

This essential information is always with the intention of leading us back to a harmonious state of living. Our bodies understand harmony and order innately. They are masters of it. They belong to the same universal order that is governing the stars, planets and nature.

So this information is coming from within us, not from outside of us. It is not based on facts, figures, research or memory but on an innate ageless wisdom that our bodies understand deeply and in great detail. They constantly provide us with up to the minute super accurate information about what adjustments we need to make in our daily lives to restore order and balance.

Have you ever had the experience of speaking to someone and finding that they are not listening to what you say? Our first response to this situation is usually to speak more loudly or clearly and attempt to gain the person's attention even more, especially if we have something very important to tell them.

Our bodies are no different.

If we choose to ignore the more subtle messages that our bodies always give us first, then of course they will have to slowly turn up the volume and the intensity of the communication until we listen. This can result in illness or disease or a ‘stop moment’ of some kind.

Whereas if we listened to the subtle messages and responded to them early on when they first appeared as minor irritations or changes in our bodies, then perhaps we could avoid many illnesses or diseases? Our bodies experience every decision or choice and movement that we make in our daily lives. These choices can either be harmonious or disharmonious to our bodies.

So our bodies are really only mirrors or messengers of how we are living.

It is very interesting how quick we are to blame our bodies for breaking down, meanwhile conveniently avoiding the fact that our bodies are only reflecting back to us the momentum of how we have been living.

It is complete recklessness to live in a way that harms or abuses the body and then blame the messenger (the body) when it shows us the truth of what is really going on!

To not listen to our bodies is ridiculous. It is the equivalent of gathering a panel of experts together to discuss how to solve a problem and then deliberately choosing to completely ignore the world's leading expert at the meeting!

We search for and perhaps believe whatever we read on ‘google’ regarding our health, but we don’t trust our own bodies.

Instead, do we realise we all have the world’s leading expert right with us, every day, 24/7? We just need to listen to the wisdom of our own body.

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Why do we run away from our body?

Is it possible we run away from feeling what our body is trying to tell us and if so why do we do that?

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