The intelligence of the body

“Every part of the body carries its own intelligence that is part of the whole because it is part of the mind.”

Serge Benhayon, 2015

Currently we have in medicine a way of thinking that revolves around our intellect and what we currently call our mind. We work on the model that our brain is the control centre of our nervous system and our bodies – a ‘cerebral-centric’ view of the body.

We are proud of our intellect and our ability to think and solve problems, so when there is a problem like illness and disease we tend to go to our intellect to try and come up with the solution.

However, did you know that our brains actually only account for 2% of our total body weight?

So when there is a problem with our health we are turning to a very small part of the whole body to provide the answer whilst ignoring the other 98% of the body.

But illness and disease does not just happen in the brain. The body experiences it, and has to deal with the symptoms and the consequences of it. So why do we not place as much importance on the intelligence of the body as we do on the intelligence that comes from the brain?

Illness and disease is experienced by one part of the body – for example the lungs – but we then ask a completely different part of the body for the reason why. Does this make any sense? It is a bit like offering aid to a foreign country without asking anyone in the actual country what aid they need!

Have we perhaps misunderstood what our minds actually are?

“Our true mind is actually our whole body, not just our brain.”

Serge Benhayon, 2015

So when something goes wrong with part of our body, sure we have to deal with the physical symptoms and attempt to correct the dysfunction, but could we go one step further and actually consider the message that the ill body part may be giving us?

What if any problem or breakdown of the human body was actually an opportunity to stop and learn something so as not to repeat it again?

What if illness and disease is actually the body’s way of restoring some kind of order as a correction to the disorder we impose upon it?

Currently in medicine we are so quick to find a solution to a symptom that we want fixed, but it does appear as though the symptoms are currently appearing faster than we can come up with solutions. Have we thought about why this might be happening?

Maybe beginning to see the whole body as having an intelligence that is at least equal to or perhaps greater than the intelligence of the mind that we think is just confined to the brain, would be a great place to start.

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  • Photography: Clayton Lloyd