How hard is it to change? Can we get stuck in comfort?

How many of us want things to be different? How many things in your life do you want to change? If you had a magic wand, what would you change?

Would you wish to be thinner, wealthier, wiser, wish to make different choices in your life? It’s a common enough theme, wanting things to be different. We all seem to recognise deep down that all is not well in our lives and that on the edge of the horizon we can just see what our lives could be like ‘if only’. Yet how hard is it to change? And what stops us starting that change now?

What does it mean to change?

In a very practical sense, it is:

  • To alter what has not worked

  • To exchange a way of life for another

  • To shift the way we have lived

  • To transform ourselves with our choices

But who wants to change?

  • Do we want to change or do we like the idea of change and lack commitment on our part to make the change really happen?
  • Are we content to stay in our cushioned comfort and dream about changing but carry on regardless?
  • Where does the impulse come from that tells us loudly – Enough! No more!

We may say our lives are not comfortable, our body hurts, living is just exhausting, depression weighs us down, our lives are so full of daily problems, we don’t get on with our families, we hurt all the time, the list could go on an on ...

Yet is there something familiar & comfortable about our struggle that we don’t want to alter or perhaps feel anymore?

Are we led to think that to alter the state we are in will cause us far more discomfort even though we may live with constant dis-comfort?

What makes us change?

The field of psychology is bursting at the seams with theories and complex models of change.

  • Has it had any lasting effect? No.

  • Is the world still full of people wanting and needing to change? Yes.

  • What if there were a different view to change?

  • What if WE were the change we have been seeking?

  • What if we were everything we dream of being ALREADY and the key to accessing this is not in some complex theory, but INSIDE US ALL THE TIME?

Could the answer be found by looking within ourselves, rather than for a magic pill on the outside?

Can we begin with a stop and let ourselves feel what is going on inside?

The gentle breath is a meditation that brings you to a “stop”. The stop gives us a moment in time where we can, if we choose, feel what is going on in our body. It is this choice to seek connection with our innermost self that brings the simplicity to potential for change.

The simplicity is we ARE already ALL we need.

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