The possibility of change can trigger a very real fear of rejection. For this reason dealing with change can be the toughest battle when being a man.

Many men are content to continue to live their lives in the protection they have constructed to provide security in all of their relationships.

For them change has negative connotations and should be avoided at all costs. For some men change exposes a fear of rejection and has them questioning what being a man actually entails in today’s society.

However, change offers opportunities to bring more of yourself to all aspects of your life; it allows you to examine your patterns and bring honesty and responsibility to what is not working.

Change when presented, can be positive and support men in strengthening their commitment to work, family and relationships. In this audio men explore these concepts and so much more.

‘Men hang on to their ways because they are deeply insecure and terrified of making changes. They are in-truth avoiding rejection and thus, they work very hard at ingraining their patterns, which make them know who they are even when what they are doing is not working.’

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings & Revelations Volume I, ed 1, p 566

In this audio James Stanfield, Mark Gavioli, Jonathan Stewart, Colin Giles, Andrew Mooney, Michael Chatter, Otto Bathurst & Matthew Brown share their insights.

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Men and change

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