From holding myself back to wonderful changes

From Holding Myself Back To Stepping Into Responsibility

From holding myself back to wonderful changes

Initially when I read the first of Serge Benhayon’s books – The Way it Is – I found it quite unusual because the style of writing and many concepts were so different from what I had been aligned to. As I became more familiar with Serge’s work I could feel that the books were presenting absolute wisdom and truth about our existence and humanity.

Yet the books are also deeply personal, unravelling so many questions and much confusion that I had about life. What Serge presents is indeed an inner-knowing that I had previously avoided opening up to. I began to realise who I truly am and why I am here and I felt a call to be much more as I realised I had been holding myself back from life. At times this created tension as I struggled with the idea of stepping up. Yet by holding myself back from responsibility, I could see how I was trapped in a meaningless existence.

As a consequence of my deepening awareness, I began to change the way I viewed and lived in the world. This also led to many beneficial and wonderful changes in how I live my life, particularly relating to my health, in relationships, and how I feel.

The books present a profound philosophical journey, cutting through the confusion of life to offer a simple basic way of living that I consider very beneficial and worthwhile.

Now I’ll often pick up one of Serge’s books, open it up to a page and ironically I’ll see a solution to a problem or question I’ve been wrestling with. At the same time it brings me back to love … which is a divine place to be.

There were, and still continue to be, many ‘aha’ moments.

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