Men and jealousy

Jealousy emanates from comparison and competition and can enter our lives and damage healthy relationships to the detriment of everyone.

It is not necessarily about the other person but more so about our own lack of appreciation of ourselves and what we bring to our work, family or relationships. Jealousy can provide a reflection that exposes some aspect of how we live that initiates a reaction to what we have failed to do. In this audio men and women discuss their own experiences of jealousy and the feelings that arise when it presents. They bring a broader awareness to their understanding of jealousy and how we can reduce its impact if we choose to firstly examine our own actions.

"The outward fury of jealousy is nothing compared to the damage being done in its inward force, that is, in and all around the one expressing the outward jealousy"

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings & Revelations Volume II, ed 1, p 443

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Men and jealousy

Contributors to discussion:

Richard Mills, James Stanfield, Mark Gavioli, Stephen, Bernie Cincotta, Greg Jordan, Miike Kepler, Steve Petrie, Jonathon Stewart, Brian Piper, James Nicholson, Gina Dunlop, Michelle Ryan, Martin Gladman, Sue Queensborough, Andrew Mooney, Alistair McMeekan, Michael Chater

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