Music and Life

Music has always provided a thread of connection for people in society, through all cultures, from time immemorial. Music has the ability to fascinate and captivate that distinguishes it from other forms of communication, such as visual art or the written word.

At no time in the history of the world has music been so all pervasive as it is today, but do we realise the extent to which music influences life? From the shopping malls to the sporting arenas, from hospitals and care homes, cars, workplaces and headphones plugged in 24/7 – life becomes the background and music is the foreground. If we identify life by the music we choose to listen to, are we influenced by that music to live and move in a particular way? And is that always healthy?

Music has the ability to lift and inspire . . . or even distract and manipulate, no matter the sound or genre.

Are we playing the music or is the music playing us?