Performance Anxiety and Stage Fright

Feeling totally at ease, natural and comfortable in our body when we are in the spotlight can be challenging. What happens when we feel like we have to ‘perform’ instead of just express?

The words ‘performance anxiety’ can conjure up a myriad of emotions. Seemingly impossible to overcome, many people live their entire lives with performance anxiety or stage fright in many situations, some just managing to keep their anxiety under the radar, and others finding it impossible to deal with. Whether it be singing on stage in front of hundreds, presenting at a conference, in the classroom at school, or even speaking to one or two – the same intensity applies.

Performance Anxiety and Stage Fright shares experiences from people who have found themselves in a public arena, who have felt the full effects of performance anxiety, and yet have come to develop an understanding that has allowed them to begin to free themselves from its seemingly iron fast grasp.

Where does performance anxiety come from and how can we overcome it?

What is true confidence?

Beginning to unlock our behaviour patterns as we navigate the stage of life can start with something as simple as changing the way we breathe our breath.