Music and Wellbeing

We live in a world that is currently struggling with wellness and wellbeing. Illness and disease are on the rise with anxiety, exhaustion and depression in epidemic proportions, and music is widely used to promote wellbeing as an accessory that we can’t do without. From the music that we listen to pumping out at the gym to the ‘soothing tones’ of meditation music, there seems to be something to suit our every mood. But does the music we listen to truly support us? Can some music actually lead us deeper into the very woes that we are trying to remove ourselves from? This poses the question – why do we listen to the music that we do?

When we explore the vibrational aspect of music and indeed life more deeply, we become aware that we have the natural ability to feel all the aspects that are within music that we are not normally raised to recognise. This restores our relationship to our natural energetic awareness that then becomes the bedrock of true wellbeing to inspire a consistent state of overall wellness and harmony.

In its purest form music offers a space for stillness and reconnection – a foundation for returning to our true self, the essence of our being. This is not determined by genre or style but by the quality of the music in its expression – the life or livingness that lives within the producer of the music, and so consequently, the product.