The Dance Albums – Michael Benhayon (GM Records)

The Dance Albums – Michael Benhayon from GM Records

The Dance Albums – Michael Benhayon (GM Records)

Moving to the sounds of music as brought through by multi-instrumentalist and founder of GM Records, Michael Benhayon, is always easy.

There is almost no genre, essence or style that he hasn’t covered in his ever-growing catalogue of Dance Music. From rock, pop, eastern to classic big band ensembles – there is a power that stands out with Michael’s ability to connect with his Soul and bring through the fullness of sound in every aspect of music. The deep bass and reverberating drumbeats hold you in a rhythm so natural, overlaid with a grand tapestry of instruments that beautifully supports and complements every movement – everything is there.

You can traverse the planet with this music, every beat grooving your way back to heaven.

Listen now on the GM Records website.

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  • By Jenny James, Singer/Songwriter