What happens when you meet Natalie Benhayon

What Happens when you meet Natalie Benhayon

What happens when you meet Natalie Benhayon

What happened when I met Natalie Benhayon?

The first word that comes to mind is SURPRISED.

When I met Natalie for the first time I was struck at how comfortable she is in her own body. There is not an inch of her body she does not occupy with her loving presence and absolute acceptance. The way she walks up to the stage and moves around has an ease and gentle quality to it.

Natalie appears to be very grounded in this dimension of existence while she is expressing her understanding and experiences of a far greater reality.

  • Natalie presents to large audiences and is often one of the youngest in the room. However there is no insecurity, not even for a moment. Her voice is strong as she presents with great skill.

  • She is always acutely aware of her listeners’ responses and reactions and never afraid or hesitant to allow and receive questions. Natalie shares her wisdom while keeping a great sense of humour often heard giggling into the microphone.

She is an interesting mixture being both very young and playful and very mature and wise.

Natalie has an innate sexiness. Never hiding her body, she claims herself in full; always dressing to honour her body's curves, sensitivity and beauty. Onlookers smile in surprise as she is completely pure and devoid of any intention to 'hook' anybody.

Natalie Benhayon is very sensual without being sexual and has a strong sense of completeness within herself.

  • Natalie has a strong sense of self - she never looks for recognition from the outside. However this confidence is never arrogant as Natalie is always genuinely interested in people and always open to connect, chat, laugh and support whoever she is around. Natalie is FUN to be around and deeply impacts those in her presence.

  • Her playful nature is also expressed through her dancing; often she performs and shares her latest moves. The fluidity with which her body moves to the music is astounding (as is her level of fitness). She is simply never out of breath while she throws her cheeky dance moves in - left, right and centre, making the onlookers laugh and watch with amazement. You simply cannot miss how joyous she is in every moment.

When I met Natalie as a practitioner I was met with total professionalism. Her demeanour is very welcoming, inviting and warm. She offers you her total presence. It takes only a moment to connect and for the next hour the rest of the world simply ‘disappears’.

  • No story, no issue, no personal calamity will ever be too small, too big, too dramatic or too mundane for Natalie who sits opposite me with total acceptance. There is never any judgement coming from Natalie, only a sincere focus on supporting her clients.

  • She constantly surprises her clients with her input since her contributions are coming from a deeper and ‘higher’ understanding.

She has an uncanny ability to see reality from a much bigger picture and to then meticulously and patiently explain this deeper understanding which I would not have been able access or discover without her support.

I have been deeply touched when I have experienced her love for people and humanity at large in a personal setting. The heartfelt warmth emanating from her body feels like ‘velvet'! She invites the client to come into contact with the joy and love they too carry in their own hearts, often a new experience. There is a sense of hope that there is another way of living which is available to everyone if they so choose it.

Having met many people who come into contact with her, I can say it is almost impossible not to fall in love with Natalie Benhayon, no matter what your gender or age. She is definitely one of a kind and very unique. I feel blessed to have met her.

  • By Karin Becker , BA Education

    Karin’s main focus is to support women in all different aspects of their wellbeing. By re-connecting to our deep innate wisdom and love we are opening up an amazing potential.