The magic of practicality – living the intelligence of our bodies

I used to lie in bed and watch live aerobics on TV at 6am. I didn’t do it just the once; it was a regular activity (‘activity’ is used very loosely here!). This is very revealing of my (in)ability to be able to put into practice what I knew in theory was what my body needed.

As we all know, it’s one thing to ‘know’ or to have the theory of how to, or what to do, or how to be in life. And then it’s a completely different ball game to actually live the knowledge you have received.

Knowledge is great, quite useful, no doubt about it. But it falls very short when it remains information and is not practically applied in life.

Enter Natalie Benhayon, who has made it her mission to live ‘intelligently’, to live from the wisdom of her body, having connected to and surrendered to the fact that this is the only intelligent way to live, seriously practical magic. The Ageless Wisdom teaches this as ‘The Livingness’ with Natalie’s forte being the practical application of the Ageless Wisdom teachings.

Living The Livingness is simply the real and actual intelligence of this world; an intelligence that is light years away from the current acceptable definition; a world where intelligence is embodied, not embrained.

Natalie’s practicality is a way of living that honours the intelligence of the human body – made up of the connective tissue that receives energetic impulses and communicates that intelligence in the way that the body moves. Great information is only that, until it is moved in the body by these connective tissues. Simple. We must move – we must put knowledge into everyday application – in order for it to be embodied and therefore truly use-full for us as human beings.

Natalie is The Master of going into the detail and examining the way in which we form ourselves to be human and live the everydayness of life. One can say a very clear YES! to the truth of a teaching (e.g. exercise strengthens the body), understanding and being totally at ease, if not totally at-one with the wisdom of what has been presented, or perhaps what resonates with us because it has been proven with science. However, until the information is actually embodied and integrated, there is a gap that exists, and that gap is what in-forms us how we are to be human. It is the appearance of us as human beings, if you like.

There was a pretty humungous gap between how much of the value-of-exercise wisdom I had said YES! to (or put another way how embodied the theory was), as I lay in bed watching someone else exercise!

Natalie presents that we are human based on what in-formation we have embodied. Without actually living the offered wisdom – without putting into practice day-to-day, 24/7, information we know to be true – the joy and richness of the information isn’t and can’t be deeply realised. The magic such embodiment offers shouldn’t be underestimated, for we only truly say YES! to wisdom by the practical application of it, something that Natalie Benhayon does in spades. This practical and magical way is the only thing that in-forms Natalie how to be human.

The volume of wisdom humanity has available is phenomenal, and yet it is also something that we all hold naturally deep within. How can we recognise the practicality of the Ageless Wisdom teachings in everyday life when many proffered platforms out there are peppered with falsehoods and lies? Why can it be seemingly so hard to find? The vast simplicity of the Ageless Wisdom that our body intimately knows and relates to can almost seem too good to be true, and yet it is True, as every particle of our body tells us so. And when this wisdom is integrated and actually lived, the gap that details how we are to be human gets smaller and smaller.

This is why what Natalie offers is so huge; by living so practically and transparently through her never-ending sharing of examples and by being a role model, she reflects and continually demonstrates how to live more of the truth of who we are.

While presenting and in her everyday conversations, Natalie provides scenarios that people from all walks of life are able to relate to, and that is quite within reach to us all. This allows an equal-ness to be realised – we are that too, albeit yet to be lived or made our way of life, yet!

As for Natalie being a role model: her physical body – her vehicle of expression – is ‘available’ to be observed by others for inspiration and reflection. Watching Natalie live her life in every moment (seriously, every moment, big, small and in between), offers the grandest how-to guide to being human there is.

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