What is Esoteric Women's Health?

What is Esoteric Women's Health?

In 2012, Natalie founded the company Esoteric Women’s Health ~ 'Health from Within', with a very clear purpose in mind; to create a globally active community dedicated to increasing awareness and understanding of the current state of Women’s Health in our societies worldwide, and to support programs that would educate and inspire change from the current ill-trends back to a living way of true vitally, health and well-being.

Esoteric Women's Health currently numbers 300+ (and growing) practitioners and allied health professionals worldwide, including:

  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • United Kingdom
  • Spain
  • Germany
  • Holland
  • Norway

These professionals are unified by a shared awareness and understanding that the current state of Women’s Health in our societies worldwide needs addressing. Their approach is leading a way of true care, support, love and healing through providing services for the many areas these problems, illnesses and diseases present for women and their families, friends, and colleagues. They are unified by their commitment to offer a true level of service with the utmost integrity to any and all clients and customers they interact with.

The EWH philosophy is firmly grounded in the fact that lifestyle choices are key to understanding our state of health and wellbeing and are fundamental to instigating change that is true and sustainable ...

Unique to this collaboration of women and men is their application of The Livingness – the essence of and behind the re-definition of health and well-being as presented by Unimed Living across this site. Each participant is dedicated to be - a ‘walker’ and not just a ‘talker’, which simply means; they ensure that what they share and are inspired to give back through the many various programs and initiatives, workshops or one-to-one consultations is not a preached theory, but a quality and wisdom that is lived.

Under the Esoteric Women's Health umbrella, accredited practitioners deliver specialised healing modalities to women worldwide, in addition to hosting presentations, women's groups and holding retreats that support women to re-connect to their natural rhythms and innate nurturing ways.


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  • By Natalie Benhayon, International Women’s Health Presenter, Practitioner of Universal Medicine Therapies, EPA Recognised

    Natalie is an enthused and dedicated young woman, who seeks to present and offer support in empowering people in their own health and well-being through all activities and ventures she inspires.