Esoteric Breast Massage: a deeply respectful treatment for women by women

As a global society, women face an ever-increasing rate of illness and disease, depression, anxiety, substance abuse and the usual day to day push and rush, a situation that most endure at the expense of their bodies. All of this, for many women, has become an everyday and all too normal or familiar experience. It should not then come as a surprise that many women today are searching for ways to connect with who they truly are, beyond the push, the rush, the illness and potential for further disease.

The Esoteric Breast Massage modality heralds a way to re-connect by embracing the true meaning and purpose of breasts.

Couched in an unwavering integrity of exemplary practice, the EBM is a non-diagnostic, profoundly tender massage to the breast area of a woman, with a cardio-centric focus. It is practised only by women (highly trained, accredited practitioners) for women, and stands as a true complement to, not replacement of, conventional medical care, in support of true health and wellbeing. Breast massage has been practiced as a legitimate part of a woman’s health care regime far more extensively and for far longer historically than many are aware of. Today breast massage is specifically prescribed by some medical practitioners, and is included internationally in the professional training for physiotherapists and masseurs, along with other allied health professionals.

The foundation of the Esoteric Breast Massage is absolute in the knowing that no matter what a woman has experienced, her innermost essence, the esoteric = inner aspect within, remains unsullied; unbroken and an ever present source of true knowing and strength for the woman. This innermost quality and knowing is accessed when a woman is still within and the EBM facilitates a tangible experience of re-connection to this natural stillness.

The EBM offers women an opportunity to look deeply at the impact of the way they live, and the motion and ‘entirely-for-others’ approach that most struggle with, in which multi-tasking is the norm and there is very little, if any, time spent looking after themselves. What passes off as looking after themselves usually becomes a very short term band aid within the same lifestyle cycle, causing the same problems to return over again.

This lifestyle leaves women tired, burdened, hardened and disconnected from their otherwise natural quality of nurturing. The EBM offers a depth of re-connection for women, that gives them deep and highly respectful permission to let go and feel that, underneath all of the stress and strain of everyday life, they are actually precious.

All women have the potential to live in a deeply nurturing way - and find a true way of being that honours all that they naturally are whilst getting on with all that everyday living requires.

Giving a woman the opportunity to let go and realise this, as the many testimonials on the EBM show, is transformational for women who are so used to doing everything and anything for others and who so very often put themselves last. Women have reported significant changes in their lives from re-connecting back to themselves and their bodies, and are finding a stillness and a steadiness from which to then go out and live.

The EBM gives women an opportunity to feel as a fact/reality where their body is at. Rather than pushing through action after action, day after day, through the EBM they get a true stopping point and an opportunity to go beyond just a stop to a deeper surrender of activity, and to connect more deeply with themselves. This is a priceless experience and one that many women now have adopted as a way of life – through their experience of the EBM.

In short, the Esoteric Breast Massage allows a woman to stop and feel just what all that ‘pushing through’ does to her body – and, the fact that something, (her body), has to pay the price for what is in effect a dishonouring of the beauty, grace and strength that women in-truth are.

An EBM treatment invites a stop in a woman’s every day activity, and through the portal of her breasts, her nurturing centres, allows herself to feel:

  • her natural stillness behind the anxiousness
  • her natural tenderness behind the hardening of protection
  • her natural sweetness behind the defence of hurts
  • her natural fragility beneath the stoic drive to be all things to everyone, and
  • her natural nurturing way that is the source of her own self-worth and self-nurturing – the precursor to her nurturing of others.

As a result, the current limited view on breasts is expanded, as the EBM reveals there is far more to a woman’s breasts than being reduced solely to their role in either functional nurturing (breastfeeding) or desire (intimate contact with another).

To rank this therapy as something improving function, or providing an improvement or fix for women, would be a vast understatement, for the benefits women are finding through the ability to stop, connect and feel what is really going on for them – and then address those things – are literally life changing, as women emerge from being ‘slaves to the tasks of day to day’, worn out, frustrated and anxious or depressed – to the graceful strength and wisdom of a woman who simply knows who she is.

The Esoteric Breast Massage continues to offer countless women the choice to have a tangible experience of re-connecting and knowing the true woman within, the qualities of which she discovers are well worth appreciating and honouring deeply.


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