Is making love more than just sex?

Is making love more than just sex?

Is making love more than just sex?

For as long back as recalled time can stretch, the term making love has been associated with having sex. Wouldn’t it be interesting to break down the term “making love” into a clearer picture of what it may actually mean?

We know that love is more than sex because we experience it with people outside of our sexual relationships – so is it possible that making love is something that can occur in our daily lives, which most certainly can include our bedroom intimacies, but is not exclusive to them?

The word ‘making’ can be considered something that we do – so putting it in front of ‘love’ as a term would indicate that we are ‘doing something loving’. Is it possible that when we are spending time with a person we really love and care for (partner or not) and it feels really amazing, that this is actually love in activity?

There are so many elements of our day where we can be loving with another - and by bringing awareness to the fact that we have the ability to be loving throughout our whole day, we will then build depth to our connections with others – we could truly call this ‘making love’.

‘Love in activity’ can be seen as being loving throughout our activities in life – with ourselves, and with others. ‘Making love’ can become a part of everything we do – simply by being aware that everything we do can be done lovingly – and then choosing to do things this way.

"Making love is the end result of a constellation you have already created. Those that love themselves and live that love know in full what this means."

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings and Revelations, p 343

Activities that some of us can consider menial tasks like cleaning the house, shopping for food or going for a walk can be turned into times where we share our love with another – any moment can be brightened by connecting with those special looks and touches that convey to another what’s in our hearts – love.

Exercise can be considered an arduous task – but what if a walk with a loved one was a beautiful opportunity just to connect and enjoy each other’s company – even if no words need to be exchanged?

We can even turn cooking a meal with our partner into a loving dance as we move around the kitchen, gently touching and connecting as we prepare our meals to share together. Cooking our food in this loving way can be nourishing for our bodies in a totally different way to our concept of being nourished from vitamins! We can nourish ourselves with love as well!

If we consider that love can be shared in every moment, all these moments build towards something that could certainly be celebrated in a physical way – making love as a confirmation of all the love that has been built throughout your day together. Even if there has only been time for short moments – we can make them all count, working towards making all our interactions loving.

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Making love

Making love is a confirmation and celebration of the loving way you have been living with another.

It is worth noting that these moments are not exclusive to our partners either – we can make love our way with everyone we come in contact with throughout our days, in everything that we do.

"We make love in the night, we make love in the day, we make love our every single way," Michael Benhayon

Click to hear A Little Whistle song by Michael Benhayon of Glorious Music

So, making love can be much greater and more fulfilling than we ever imagined! And we don’t even have to be having sex to be making love – that is certainly a revelation for many of us!

Let’s take the time to make all our moments loving – of course there will be times when life gets in the way – but when we remember to consciously choose love, we eventually build a marker of love in our bodies that we always wish to return to. Make love our every way – there’s a song in that I’m sure!

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