True love … no Valentine’s Day card required

True Love . . .  no Valentine’s Day Card required

True love … no Valentine’s Day card required

Ahh Love . . . everybody wants it, everybody needs it but what is it really?

I’ve spent most of my life searching for love, placing huge demands on people to prove that they really loved me. I grew up, like many others, with the belief that love comes from outside of you and it was given to you by another. I remember every Valentine’s Day having these huge expectations that my partner would “do” something magical and prove his undying love for me. That the amount he loved me would equate to the beautiful gift he brought, the words in my Valentine card or the amazing experience he had arranged for us to share.

No matter what people did to prove their love I was always disappointed. My expectations were never met and were the cause of much heartache. I often wondered to myself why I would behave this way? Why was I addicted to the roller-coaster of emotional ups and downs? When I allowed myself to be honest I hated that I felt so desperate and that I didn’t feel loved enough. I began to give up on love no matter how many Valentine’s Day cards I received.

It was through the presentations and books of Serge Benhayon that I rediscovered what true love is. For the first time in my life I was presented with the truth that love is not an emotion but it is a living quality of stillness that lives inside the inner-heart of each of us. By using the Gentle Breath Meditation® to re-connect to my inner heart I got to feel without a doubt that I am love and that all the love I had been searching for outside of myself lived within me.

"Love is the living stillness of God. It is found in the inner-heart of every man and woman on Earth."

Serge BenhayonEsoteric Teachings & Revelations Volume I, ed 1, p 656

Serge’s teachings helped me to understand that our greatest hurt occurs when we separate from our essence of love and to cover this hurt I, like many others, went searching outside of myself to find love. I remember reading the following quote and being blessed by the clarity it provided. In a few words my past behaviour was explained.

"When we separate from who we are,we feel the lovelessness. The lovelessness causes the constant underlying desperation. Out of our desperation and expectation we want if not demand another/s to love us. Being at the mercy of waiting for another to love you only deepens the desperation. Choose your inner-heart and the waiting and desperation will immediately cease."

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings & Revelations Volume I, ed 1, p 327

When listening to an Esoteric Medicine presentation the healing deepened and I began to understand that no one could ever give me love because this is not what love is.

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How love really works

True love is a livingness and a way of being with ourselves. All we need to do is to let our guard down and we are love and then everything we do is from love.

Serge Benhayon’s teachings have changed my relationship with love. No longer am I at the mercy of needing people to give me love or prove that they love me. I now know what true love is and that love will forever live inside me. And I no longer celebrate Valentine’s Day – there is no need to when every day is about true love!

"Live the love you want others to have for you."

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings & Revelations Volume I, ed 1, p 671

My life is a testament to the fact that all we need to do to find true love is to give ourselves permission to connect deeply with ourselves.

"Be Love, it is who you really are."

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings & Revelations Volume I, ed 1, p 680

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