Sleep – time to restore and refresh

Sleep – time to restore and refresh

Sleep is an essential part of the day that no one can live without. A good sleep can have you wake rejuvenated, refreshed and ready for the day. Unfortunately for many this is not their experience, and millions are being spent on the search for quality sleep.

Did you know a crucial but often-misunderstood part of a healthy sleep pattern happens before you even close your eyes?

The way we prepare for sleep supports the quality in which we sleep.

Do you ever wake-up feeling just as exhausted as when you went to sleep? Do you find you are sleeping with the stress of the day? Improving the quality of your sleep can start with a focus on preparing for sleep.

  • Allow yourself time to wind down, particularly after a busy day and allow some quiet space to simply be with you before bed.

  • A 5-minute Gentle Breath Meditation™ supports re-connecting to yourself.

  • Avoid stimulating activities such as Email, Internet surfing or TV.

The aim of the game is for ‘you to be with you’ when you go to sleep. There are many ways to help bring ‘you back to you’ after the busyness of the day.

You will find your own way of winding down and re-connecting with yourself, and your stillness, but it always starts with ‘stopping”, and the intention to connect to you as you go to sleep.

"We are naturally designed to completely regenerate in one night’s sleep. If this does not occur, you are living more than one day at a time."

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings & Revelations, p 322

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