Serge Benhayon – presenting true healing and breaking all the moulds

Serge Benhayon – presenting true healing and breaking all the moulds

Serge Benhayon – presenting true healing and breaking all the moulds

To be able to write of the transformation in my life through the support, love, wisdom and guidance of Serge Benhayon, I first need to describe where it began.

In 2003 at the age of 42, life had become almost unbearable. I was a broken woman, a long-term relationship had ended bitterly, a desire to have a child was in the wind, and with that went (or so I thought) my only real purpose in life. My day-to-day existence consisted of repeated bouts of tears and I could not see any way forward. It was clear I was doomed. Life was dire, and one might say not unexpected for a woman in my position, but there is another important factor to consider.

For 10 years prior to this time I had invested heavily in personal development and the spiritual new age. My intent was (like many others) to create a life where I was happy, healthy, surrounded by friends and family and financially well off.

I had committed to this path with everything I had: I was a part-time trainer for a world leading motivational speaker, travelling the world leading teams at his events. I was a practitioner in both NLP and “The Journey”. I was dedicated in every sense of the word. I estimate I spent in excess of $250,000 between 1993-2003 on courses, books, training and CD’s.

One might expect that at the end of 2003 (given all I had invested) that no matter what happened in my life, I would be resourceful, happy and have an ability to overcome any issue. And yet none of that was true, in fact the opposite! How could it be I had invested 10 years of hard work and $250,000 and life was still destitute?

On a recommendation from a friend I began attending courses with Universal Medicine, and also commenced one-on-one sessions with Serge Benhayon. Within a very short period of time the daily tears had stopped. This was and still is a miracle to me. Nothing on the outside of my life had changed, I was still single and still childless, but I was no longer destitute. I attribute that 100% to the immense wisdom and support I received from Serge Benhayon.

As the months continued I would take my greatest challenges to the 1-hour sessions with Serge and come away with an understanding I had never thought possible ...

When I asked how I could ever be happy being alone, he would offer that it was not connection with a partner I was missing, but connection with myself. He was right.

When I asked how I could get over the bitterness of a failed relationship, he would ask me to contemplate the relationship ... was it joyful, loving and harmonious? It was none of those things, and so perspective began to unfold.

When I asked how I was to live without having a child, he offered that purpose could be found in the love that I can be with anyone I meet each day! He was right again, and so a job I had hated for 20 years began to be something magical, and life took on new meaning and true purpose.

One day at the end of a presentation from Universal Medicine and Serge, I was helping to pack up the hall and I noticed something that stopped me in my tracks. This is one of a thousand things I could write about that speaks to the selfless dedication of Serge Benhayon. As we all were preparing to leave the hall Serge was collecting and emptying the garbage bins. He collected each one and took them outside. No fuss, no bother. Having worked for many high profile speakers for 10 years I can categorically say I had never witnessed any of them doing anything remotely like that. Most would be “escorted” from the building and whooshed away to a private area immediately after the presentation.

Serge’s commitment to people and humanity is unique – he breaks the mould of spiritual new age and personal development to the extent that they cannot even be compared. He has immense practical wisdom, endless dedication and consistent love, equally for all.

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  • By Heather Pope, Corporate Executive