Sacred Esoteric Healing as a way of life

Sacred Esoteric Healing, a way of living that allows us to be true to ourselves

Sacred Esoteric Healing as a way of life

Sacred Esoteric Healing sessions offer a marker of feeling at ease in one’s own skin, the feeling of just being able to be clear of the impositions and forces thrust upon us everywhere in everyday life. To feel clear of these is a wonderful experience, and people often comment that they feel like they did as a child – free in the body. It is only as we grow, that we lose touch with that sense of freedom – i.e. we stop just being ourselves – and we fill up with or take on what the world wants of us, and how we then decide we need to be.

Sacred Esoteric Healing gives us a marker of letting all of that go. Initially, even if it is only whilst on the table, we get to feel what it would be like to live without all of the tension and imposition, and to just be ourselves.

So what would that leave, if we got rid of all the expectations? The beliefs and the forces thrust upon us, the ‘should’s’ and the ‘trying’?

What if all that would be left would be joy, harmony, stillness and of course, the love that we so naturally are?

As we go further with Sacred Esoteric Healing, we realise that it is about bringing an honesty to life – an honesty that eventually leads to making life about truth. If we can be honest about our feelings, and about where we slip from living true to ourselves, then we can heal the result of those slips. In other words, we can stop trying to mask those results, or dis-harmonies, or our efforts to just make them go away, and instead deal with them, so we can be more of who we truly are.

Eventually, we start to realise that Sacred Esoteric Healing offers us a way of life – not just a moment of feeling great on the table, but something we can connect to and live as a daily, normal thing. It feels so great to be at total ease in your own skin that, at first, we can have a bit of feeling, "Is this too good to be true?", but as we start to embrace the fact that what we are feeling (i.e. ourselves) is normal, then feeling amazing becomes our new standard – it is just the way life is. The ups and downs of life begin to stop, and the moments of feeling totally alive, and in harmony with ourselves and others, turn into longer periods until they become the predominant state.

This is when we start to live from our essence – making that our way of life, that is, the Way of the Livingness.

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Everything is energy applies to illness and disease

Everything is energy – is the one absolute truth that applies to everything in the world we live in, including illness and disease.

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