Letter to my body – from trash-tip to temple

Do we treat our bodies as a trash tip or a temple?

Letter to my body – from trash-tip to temple

Our body has never been built to take a punch and yet increasingly and by and large, it is getting thumped left, right and centre.

  • Our body pines for more sleep and so instead of giving it the rest it needs and deserves, we ingest copious amounts of stimulants (caffeine, sugar, alcohol ...)
  • Our body wants nourishing food yet predominantly we eat for taste, eyes and smell, not what it needs but what we desire
  • Our body wants to be honoured and cherished as the living space of sacredness it naturally is, yet it gets given the waste-tip treatment

Most of us have no notion how divinely designed our body is to feel exquisite because we have been living in separation from the very vehicle that enables us to live ... self-contradictory practice to say the least!

But WHY?

Is it possible that Oscar Wilde was onto something when he said: “I drink to separate my body from my Soul.”

Replace ‘drink’ with overeat, party, take drugs, watch pornography, engage in sexual acts instead of making love, live hard, play hard, be hard, do everything hard ... et voila!

Below is my colourful journey with my dear Body from Trash-tip to Temple it was always meant to be. Enjoy!

Letter to My Body

September the Nineteenth in the Year Two Thousand and Sixteen, London, United Kingdom

Dear Body,

There has been no other like you who has stuck with me through thick and thin, never to give up on me, yet ironically the very one I had used and abused like I would no other!

Who else would down those small or copious amounts of alcohol, a substance defined by our very own scientists as poison, and force it onto the liver, your sweet organ of harmony, whilst you patiently kept processing the killer substance? No other kind would do this. And yet we (I) call ourselves an intelligent species.

And no matter how high off the Richter scale the mass per blood/alcohol volume level went, you stayed. You’d even look for ways to help me ... make me purge the poison circulating your veins. Get that: I spewed poison into YOUR veins! What an audacity!

Still, you’d ‘force’ me to rest and sleep so that you could get me back to my sober state, only for me to get intoxicated and indulge in another glass of chilled white a few days later. I did in those moments question the definition of my own sanity.

Any time I got cold, flu, fever, ah and those horrendous perpetual headaches, I’d get cross. With you. Yes, ironically YOU.

To me, you and all the symptoms were a nuisance, a great hindrance preventing me from doing what I pleased. With two ears and impeccable hearing ability I remained deaf to every communication from you, to all those little and the big signs, the only ways you knew how to speak with me.

Remember when you ended up in an emergency hospital with a vitamin B12 injection because your heart nearly packed up? Just because I had long and hard hung onto my ‘vegetarian’ badge, deeply steeped in the belief that ‘meat was murder’, all whilst you craved meat and needed it to live. Of course, you always KNEW what you needed. You even knew what I needed too.

I’d slam doors, fist the desk, threaten to boomerang my electronic device through the window and get seriously annoyed with internet service providers when I could not connect to send or receive emails; yet I would not even blink once in consideration when pouring coffee/caffeine down your throat causing chaos within your web of nerves and giving shock to your nervous system. Go figure! A Hypocrite as well.

I allowed even more poison inside you through loveless sex, an array of emotions, sugar, salt, pasta, pizza, cheese and chocolate, to name but a few, than I would have flushed down the toilet or shoved into a rubbish bin. You must have cringed when I sniggered at the gluten free crowd and how gutless I was about your messages from the gut? Part of me felt really glad that you were not given a sound of your own – for you would have screamed like it had never been heard before.

Instead of getting closer to you and being ONE with you my dear Body, I had consciously built a gulf between us.

When I found a small lump on your right breast and fear kicked in almost instantaneously that something malignant might be going on, guess who was the culprit (yet again). How dare you ‘give me a lump’!

Instead of stopping to say SO DEEPLY sorry I had dumped way too much disregard, self-loathing, hardness, lack of self-worth, lack of self-care (and more) on you, you were left with no other option/remedy but to put it in a pea size ball to get my attention, like Hello, to make me stop so that I would even consider taking a U-turn onto the road of Self-love.

You, dear Body, always found a way to communicate with me – I on the other hand like a tantrum-ing toddler stubbornly and paradoxically kept refusing to so much as lend you my ears.

We are All part of the Universe; hence the Universe is part of us too. And if this simple equation is true, which it is, whoever gave me the right to treat you like a commodity, like I might my car, or that blue t-shirt I enjoy wearing and the brown leather handbag I own – however I please? No way this kind of behaviour is practised anywhere else in the Universe.

I get given a wonder (you, the body) that does not belong to me, but whose particles belong to the Universe, to love, to cherish and to behold and what do I do with it? I abuse it. Let’s call it for what it truly is – an ultimate in Arrogance.

And then one day with my will and your lovely legs you drove me all the way to Somerset to meet Serge Benhayon.

Your cells tingled (visibly) with Joy at the encounter, however, unawakened I at the time couldn’t quite explain why. Yet you knew. To you and all your six senses it was easy to detect and register a man who holds his body like one might a little water in the palm of the hand in a desert – reads precious.

You knew Serge to be all ears, eyes, nose and much, much more when it came to honouring the body. You had been patiently asking me to go there since I emerged from my mother’s womb and when you met Serge you whispered to me in the silence of the Universe that we had met an equal, a role model, a spark that would ignite the inextinguishable eternal fire within. You and your boundless wisdom. You sussed it – that we had arrived at the U-turn point and were well on our way to Re-turn to the Love we are made to be and live from.

You my dearest Body, knew what a body of Truth (Serge Benhayon) felt like when you met one. High five!

I did like the feel of Serge at first sight too, but you ... You loved him. No. You Adored him. You sensed that everything about your treatment was about to change, to how you and the stars had always known it to be. You found that One human body that reflected God back to me so that I would know You (my body) is NOT mine to own. That you were given to me merely as a vehicle for the one and only registered, responsible and fully comprehensively insured driver – my Soul.

Our Soul.

One Soul.

You could tell that almost constant abuse I had subjected you to was about to cease, and how could you not smile and sparkle in celebration of that fact.

You knew the time had cometh when I’d clock that you were given to me to serve a much greater purpose, and for that I had to keep you sacred and to keep you in stillness so that you and I could live and reflect the Divine on Earth.

Just one meeting with the ordinary (but oh, how extraordinary) man called Serge Benhayon. It’s all that took for you to be released from the shackles of my arrogant self. It took less than a moment and faster than the speed of light to experience the power of body particles between each other and how much can be communicated with no words but through vibration! Quantum physics like no lab could deliver! Ever since then I have cried many tears when remembering all the harm I had inflicted upon you, and yet you never held any grudges. Not even as much as a raised eyebrow ;-)

I would have loved to have written this letter to you as “our body” for that is how it truly is, but how could I make such a claim when all I had done for aeons had been the antithesis of ‘our’ – a union of body and Soul – and the responsibility this sweet word commands.

I had willingly and consciously been your biggest enemy.

Never again.

And You KNOW it.

Yours in True Service and Love,


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