Function, harmony and health

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Why do we see function as more important than harmony?

The basis of Esoteric Medicine is harmony, not function. Find out what is not so great about function.

Living medicine (also called esoteric medicine), starts from the premise that the body is designed to be in harmony with all the organs working together as one.

In this harmonious state the body naturally knows how to be vital and full of energy and to live in a way that supports health.

Anything that we live or choose that causes an imbalance or disharmony in the flow of energy in the body is, according to this premise, already dis-ease in the body, whether we experience symptoms or not, as the body is no longer harmonious.

However we have been taught that life is about function, not harmony, and so as long as we can do what we need to do to get through the day we think we are doing well, irrespective of the quality of energy we do things in.

Often though, it is because we see life as first and foremost about function, that it is not until we can’t function properly that we pay attention to our body and wonder what has gone wrong. This, despite the fact that the body has been trying to tell us all along that something isn’t right with the way we are living, by giving us signals like bloating, pain, tiredness, anxiousness and so on.

"We do NOT stop to feel that we are disharmonious. Note: DIS-HARMONY is, by the laws of Esoteric Medicine, the first and a most significant sign that all is not well."

Serge Benhayon The Way of Initiation, p 460

  • If function were really the answer to our health woes, would we have super-fit athletes getting sick and developing conditions like diabetes or cancer for example?
  • If super-function were the way we were naturally designed to be in order to be healthy, this surely would not be the case ... ?

Consider for a moment that all that we do, say and think carries a quality of energy that affects how we are and ultimately our health. If this is the case, what quality of energy would we choose, how would we live and how would we be with ourselves if we wanted the body to be in harmony?

If we solely focus on our physicality and being able to function or get on with life, we are able to live in a way that ignores the quality, or in other words, the energy that we live in. And so we are able to do things, make choices or lead a lifestyle that can cause harm or dis-ease to the body over and over again. It is this constant state of disharmony that will eventuate as poor health.

Thus it seems fair to say that illness and disease don’t just happen randomly or overnight, but can be attributed to the way we live and the choices that we make that dictate the energy that is running the body: the energy that will choose to live in a way that is self-loving and truly caring for the body . . . or not.

Therefore for us to live in a way that is truly healthy, there is a choice to be made – the choice of quality or energy that we live with every day.

"Illness and disease are only markers. They are but mere reflections of our many choices."

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings and Revelations, p 586

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  • By Dr Rachel Hall, Dentist

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