Living a religious life – sacredness

Living a Religious Life – Sacredness

Living a religious life – sacredness

We have seen from the first 3 articles in this series that religion is about connecting with something already within us – it doesn’t happen outside, it isn’t ‘given’ to us or ‘attained’ through any effort. It already is. It belongs to us all equally so, and in it we know that each of us is one and the same, and something so very grand.

In this way, religion is actually deeply sacred as it is a living expression of the fact that connecting with our Soul, with the inner-most essence of us, and the fact that we are Divine beings of love, is the truth of what life is all about. We can pretend that it is about something else, but at some point we have to come to admit that it must be more than this. And we come to realise that it is our own love – the love of the Soul and the Divinity we come from – that we so sorely miss.

Living religiously simply means to live in connection with the Divine spark that eternally lives within us all. So what we do, we do in and from that connection, in the knowing that we are all actually beings of love. This is all religion is.

To choose to live in this way is a very powerful message to all that Divinity can be claimed and lived here on earth, and we do not all have to treat each other and feel within ourselves in a way that is so very much less than that Divinity.

All we need is a reflection – to see it in another, from any other, to show us it is possible, and then we can embark on the same path ourselves. We choose it, our way, in our time. But the fact that it is reflected by others is what gets us all started… on the inevitable path back to Truth and the Love we all come from and are actually eternally held within.

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