The Teacher of All Teachers; Master of the Ageless Wisdom – Serge Benhayon

Serge Benhayon began presenting the teachings of the Ageless Wisdom in 1999 to a forever growing student body in Australia and around the world. Ten years later I came to these teachings and instantly resonated with the profoundness of what was being presented.

Serge’s wisdom was something extraordinary, nothing I had ever read in any textbook, where there was no intense study into the night and no exams to test progress or worthiness, just the beauty and grace from a lived way and a willingness to be open and expand awareness of life.

When listening to Serge’s presentations from start to finish, I feel free from any entanglement or loading of ideals and beliefs, and never imposed upon by arguments and opinions. Extraordinarily, he is able to present seamlessly at workshops for hours and at courses for days without referring to any notes, and yet miraculously he stays on point.

That’s because Serge Benhayon speaks about all that he has lived, and as he shares I can feel in the detail of the expression immense understanding and the depth of his wisdom and inner knowing.

Even after what might appear to be long days, I am always left with a sense of wanting to hear more, for there is so much about life that Serge Benhayon has to share. Unlike any previous schooling, I am left invigorated and open to receive more. There is no bliss or heightened emotion, no award for the best student or presentation, just the heart-warming beauty of human beings coming together to heal, to be honest about their lives and to observe each other make profound changes and live true to themselves.

I feel blessed to have experienced the Esoteric healing modalities that Serge Benhayon has developed and teaches, and can say that they surpass any other healing sessions I have experienced in the past. Never before have I felt my body become so alive as I surrender to the fire and an inner warmth.

Whether it’s Esoteric Massage, Esoteric Chakrapuncture or Sacred Esoteric Healing, I can feel my body instantly go about its business as I lay on the massage table: like tiny workers are busy inside my body communicating and tending to the necessary adjustments, letting particles shift that are no longer needed, bringing about a feeling of being lighter and more connected to myself.

There is often no requirement for words to be spoken by the practitioner – even though this is a beautiful part of the session – as it is clear that my body and Soul are dedicated to working together to support me to expand and to connect to the wisdom that lies within.

The Esoteric healing courses have offered me what can only be described as a magical experience. I have felt moments of awakening, and of clarity throughout. Sometimes I have also felt an inner tension as I become more aware of the choices in life I have made that have not been very honouring. On the last day, and as I begin to pack my things and return to life, there is an opportunity to revel in the moment as I walk away with another piece of the puzzle, holding it close to my heart and enjoying the newfound understanding of why I do the things I do.

I have observed Serge Benhayon continuously offer gentle encouragement to take the next step to be all we can be, holding himself and us all equally as a student, never expecting perfection.

When Serge appears to sense hesitation in the group, which can sometimes come from fear of letting go of our old ways or of looking foolish in group work, Serge brings it all back to the simplicity of energy and our responsibility to live our true selves on Earth.

We are supported and offered a safe place to have a go and break free of the shackles we have chosen to place on ourselves. No longer desiring to be small, we are offered the opportunity to begin to open and explore life for ourselves in new ways, governed by what we feel in our body. For many, this is breaking through the fears and configurations left behind from childhood or by the education system, where we have been taught to seek the right answer before we step out, and subsequently wanting to control the moments and experiences in our life to feel accepted and approved by others in the world.

With all of this wisdom and true whole body intelligence, Serge Benhayon shares willingly and without any need for recognition or fame of any kind, nor does he ever hold himself as superior. When you are with Serge, you are held equal. There is no guru status or need for attention, greed, arrogance or any judgment. Serge provides a platform that says, “I am no different to you,” and in that we each have the opportunity to recognise that we are the sum of our own choices.

Serge Benhayon has offered to me through the Universal Medicine and Ageless Wisdom teachings, the Esoteric healing modalities and his ever-present wisdom, something that I have never experienced before. In many ways, I can say I have risen from the dead… in that I have taken a step-by-step approach to truly heal and become more alive and vibrant than I have ever known myself to be. Although life continues to present its challenges, through the Universal Medicine presentations and Esoteric healing modalities I am learning to be steady amongst any chaos, to move out of the way when needed, to step forward and address what presents, and to say to myself in difficult situations “What do I truly feel and what is needed here?”

Some may say these are ‘life skills,’ but what has been offered is much more than that. It isn’t a skill we are learning at all – we are remembering once again to connect to an incredible inner knowing that comes from what we feel in our body.

There are no Top 10 tips or commandments to follow, no strict rules to adhere to or memorise in our minds, no guilt for anything we have done in our life, no confession, no fear tactics, no saying we are less than God or anyone else in fact. There is just ourselves and a knowing that comes from a livingness that cannot be argued or twisted by anyone else, as it is affirmed or confirmed by its lived ways and held firmly in our body.

When I have stopped and looked around at humanity and observed how we are with each other and all that we try to get away with or acquire for ourselves, I have noticed an emptiness – that something is missing – and I begin to question the true quality of our relationships with ourselves and with each other. That’s where the work of Universal Medicine is needed and this is the path that Serge Benhayon supports us all to explore. His work takes us to an understanding that Love and Truth are the foundation from which we must all again build our lives, and not just in the home but in all aspects of life.

Perhaps many would expect Serge to keep all he has connected to and knows for the sole purpose of bettering his own life and that of his immediate family. However, and as he has shared many times, when we see so many people in the world struggling, it is almost impossible to hold back when support is sought – for we are one humanity and we share a deep love and care for each other. We only have to see how we pull together in times of need when there are natural disasters to know this is true.

If the world is looking for a miracle, then we must take our focus away from the many outside distractions, the desire for more of the same, the so-called achievements, and perhaps examine more deeply what is being offered by Serge Benhayon. It is not a miracle cure for the mess, but it does offer a true way through it; to transform the way we live and are with each other. Perhaps that could be considered a true miracle.

I cannot help but ask, when I reflect on the profound healing that I have experienced and seen others experience from all that Serge Benhayon has offered – What if we all just stopped everything and opened ourselves to the presentations of Serge Benhayon?

"What if we all just stopped everything and opened ourselves to the presentations of Serge Benhayon?"

If we allowed ourselves to truly hear what this amazing man has to share, and feel what is there for each and every one of us, then from this place of wholeness – from Love – I am certain that we would discover that we could make different choices that would help us remember again that Love and Truth come first and foremost, before any other steps we may make.

There are no words to express my gratitude to Serge Benhayon for all that he has offered to me in my life, and to many others too.

Serge Benhayon certainly is, without question – the Teacher of all teachers.

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