What are Universal Medicine Therapies?

Universal Medicine Therapies, as founded by Serge Benhayon are a set of profoundly stilling therapies that allow a client to simply return to themself.

This may sound simple, and in fact it actually is, but it is not how the majority of people live day to day, and hence its great importance. Since 1999 Serge has founded and made available for thousands of people across the world a comprehensive series of re-connecting healing modalities known as Universal Medicine Therapies.

Most people live in stress, tension, anxiousness and some form of discomfort or pain (or worse) all of which we put up with as ‘normal’ on an everyday basis. As a whole, we do not live lives of abundant joy, vitality and a strong sense of wellbeing – instead we are mostly tired, burnt out, often frustrated or just putting up with things that underneath it all, we know are just not right.

From our own feeling of physical and overall wellbeing and health to the quality of our relationships and interactions with others around us, we really do know that there is something missing – that life really should be more than this.

In a world where people, on the whole, are living less than we really do know is possible, having a set of therapies that allow people to simply let go and be themselves is profoundly healing – the world around us is constantly telling us how to be, how to think, how to act, what to say, and we have become very, very good at following those directions, even if deep inside it does not feel right. That knowing, that it is not right deep down, is something we bury, and whilst we get on with life, we pretend to ourselves (either well or not so well), that the way we are all existing is ok, and that, that existence is life – when in fact it is not; it is not true life.

Universal Medicine Therapies present a quality of being that is equally within each and every one of us – a quality of equalness and harmony that we actually all do know, because it is the quality we come from. The therapies are simple – they promise nothing, but they allow much, in that they allow you to let go and feel a depth of stillness and beauty within yourself that you may not have touched for a long time. This quality, when experienced once more, can become a way of life – your everyday experience, should you so choose, because it is something you feel within yourself – it is not something ‘done to you’.

The therapies offer an opportunity to feel and re-connect to the true you, and from there take that as an experience which you can make into your everyday life.

The Universal Medicine Therapies are:

  • Photography: Shannon Everest