Appreciation of some extraordinary men

I was having my morning swim today . . . the water was balmy, 30° C . . . I swim every morning and have developed a lovely rhythm. I was feeling graceful, loving the feeling of my body moving through the water, the feeling of every turn, connecting with my fingertips on the side of the pool as I turned, the delightful sound and feeling of a gentle stream of bubbles leaving my nose as I swam . . . All in all quite an exquisite experience, and such a deep feeling of appreciation for the harmony I could feel my body.

And then there was a feeling of very deep appreciation for Universal Medicine and its healing practitioners, and for Serge, Michael and Curtis Benhayon.

The thing is you see, I'm in my 64th year, over 30 years ago I was medically written off and put on a totally permanently incapacitated pension. As I was so determined to work I got myself off this many years ago, but my body was still a wreck and the scars still remained. Now, that a man of my age, with my medical history, can feel the way I do, really is a miracle, and yes a miracle in the sense that it is a remarkable development with the best of outcomes, but the thing is that I now see this extraordinary story repeated all around me, with the outstanding support of the aforementioned people.

Serge Benhayon is a man of extraordinary true compassion, with a depth of wisdom that, when he first met me, meant that he could see beneath the surface to what I truly was. On the surface I was over 50 kg heavier than I am now, verging on bipolar, and one of the world's most well known sound healers (yes... quite an obvious dichotomy). Since our first meeting he has loved me and cared for me with such a consistent and ongoing love that has supported me through healing a lifetime of disconnection to the point where I know and trust my own divinity, my relationship with God and myself. This is profoundly beautiful. And the way I sing, play music, and write music, has profoundly and irrevocably evolved for the better to the point of truly serving humanity.

Michael Benhayon has been supporting me consistently with Chakra-puncture and healing sessions, and musical mentoring, for many years. The seeming anomaly here is that Michael is a third of my age, and yet his depth and wisdom of the energetic quality of music is so profound, that even the fact that I had been playing music for twice the length of his life, is absolutely irrelevant because it is what we connect to as we play, sing, and write that is the foundation for true service in music, and Michael’s foundation is strong, deep and clear.

Curtis Benhayon teaches Esoteric Massage, and again, is wise beyond his years, he has supported me in his profound and beautiful healing sessions, and also with his ability to mix a piece of music that I have composed and recorded, and bring a delightful spaciousness and clarity to the mix that again belies his apparent experience. Curtis embodies the best of being a man, the delicacy and respect with which he connects with one's body during a massage, is beyond superlatives . . . For a man to be this gentle and tender reveals a way of life that to its core has integrity and connection to God.

The thing is, you see, that these amazing men have simply, by being themselves, enabled me to be on a path of return to who I truly am, so that I can feel the grace and love and the harmony in my life and for this I have such a deep appreciation and ongoing gratitude.

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  • By Chris James, Musician, Singer, Voice & Expression Teacher

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