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Family life is an integral aspect of Serge Benhayon’s life and serves as a remarkable model in many ways especially when we examine this close knit family (of 13) not only remain close, but also work closely together on a variety of endless projects.

The uniqueness is found in the 24 /7 relationships that is the case within this family, and still they are singing the benefit and praises of having such a large family…

A modern family, or, simply an ancient form of being in family?

Whilst in many ways the Benhayon family certainly do fit with current stereotypical descriptions of a ‘modern family’, observing this family closer allows one to immediately connect with the fact that this is far from a ‘new or modern family’ but rather a return to an ancient lineage whereby the family model consists of values and principles that place love and the energetic truth as the centre of their lives.

This family considers itself simple and very normal in the sense that they truly support each other in life just like it is expected of the stereotypical family model but is not often the case. On this note they do not limit what they call love and support by the usual restrictions that stereotypically define a family model, i.e. they do not term what is family by the usual confines of blood, surname or family tree related members. Further it can be said that they are not the usual family that is rife with emotional and tempestuous tensions or conflicts that are, sadly, the common reality for many ‘families’.

This ever-expanding family unit of 13 (and growing) speaks volumes of the enormous value that can be had from a family that has founded itself on love, honesty, energetic integrity and responsibility, and subsequently, equality and purpose.

At a time where society is faced with staggering statistics that reflect the rate of family breakdowns, which sees abuse as a result of tumultuous divorces and separations, and the dysfunction that emotionally traumatises all concerned, the Benhayon family and their way of living continue to stand out against such trends.

This is not a family out of a fairy tale, free of divorce or issues to deal with, rather this is a family that has consistently placed love at the fore, no matter what it has faced.

To see an ex- husband and wife continue to remain best friends and grow their love and respect for each other after ending a marriage ought to be studied. Four children completely un-affected by their parent's separation maintaining equally loving relationships with both parents, and hurt free, is an incredible feat in this day and age. Both parents re- marrying with new partners only for them to be warmly welcomed, respected, valued and accepted from the outset also defies almost anything else out there, not to mention the level of harmony that is lived between both women of the family, a relationship where they regard each other as best friends free of competition. No wonder this family stands out.

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  • By Miranda Benhayon