Serge Benhayon - on the topic of food and diet

It is remarkable that Serge, with such a high quality of output, and a consistently longer working day than most, is able to sustain and nourish himself and keep his energy levels balanced throughout the day, with virtually no stimulations whatsoever.

As he has shared with many throughout the years: the fine-tuning of his diet is ever evolving, which naturally makes sense if we are constantly changing, shifting and living a life that places awareness on one’s quality of evolution at the fore. And thus as he shares – so should our relationship with particular foods change.

This is a man who has an extremely clean and simple diet, he does not drink coffee, or ingest any caffeine – which in itself is huge, given the early and long hours he is putting in. He does not smoke anything, does not eat sugar and he does not drink any alcohol or any other drink other than water with an occasional cucumber and spinach juice. His diet consists mostly of fish, veggies and the occasional lamb dish these days, which is a return to simple nourishing quality foods, high in nutritional qualities and benefits.

The significant factor when observing Serge with food, is that he places enormous regard on honouring the quality in his body, as to whether the food supports him to continue to do all that he needs to do with the clarity and at the level that it is needed to be done. Whilst there is a constant refinement towards the foods he eats, there is a strong sense of balance and sensibility lived and held towards food. Since eliminating all sugars and stimulation from his body he is currently enjoying the clarity and even-ness this brings.

This is by no means a diet that comes with rules and ideals, goals or rewards. It is rather a way of being that places awareness on supporting the body to serve, express and live consistently in a connected, clear and vital way. As opposed to accepting the ups and downs commonly experienced by almost all, which are directly related to their diets.

Serge has broken through many ideals around food, and has surprised himself to find that he can be completely nourished, vitalised and productive on one meal per day, as opposed to the 'three meals a day' ideal. It is clear that he approaches foods sensibly from an honouring of the quality in his body and this is why what he has explored and discovered has actually been supportive for him. For it is in line with his body and where he is at, rather than what too often happens when a fad is picked up by someone with an end goal in mind, i.e. to lose weight, etc.

Serge’s interest and exploration is placed around energy and supporting the body to serve and express at its fullest and most vital level, which is breaking down a lot of outdated and unchallenged ideals and opinions around food and meals.

Clearly there is something to the way he is living, for the voluminous results are speaking for themselves.

Serge is breaking the mould and going against the ill trends that are alarmingly on the rise around the world.

With all that in mind this is only a brief insight into the extraordinary ordinary – the normal way of living for Serge – that he has and will continue to unfold and explore.

It can be said with some certainty that his way of life is offering another way for us all to consider and explore. That there is another completely different way of approaching the body, life, work, relationships, food and exercise – which is from a point of connection, honouring and commitment to serve and express with a true consistency.

That this is in fact possible and can be attained, day in and day out in this modern day and age is certainly worth knowing about.

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  • By Miranda Benhayon