Did you know that the way that you live is your greatest form of medicine?

When we think of medicine, we usually think of it as being something that we 'take' or 'do' to make ourselves feel better. We commonly think of medicine as being something that the doctor prescribes, something that we are given when sick, or perhaps an operation that we have. When we think of the term 'medicine', we immediately think of the 'medical profession', hospitals and/or medication.

What if we bring the notion of medicine back to simply meaning something that makes us feel better, or, returns us towards good health? If that is true, we can start to consider that everything about our lives has the possibility to actually be a form of medicine.

When we look at it that way ...

Our whole life is one continuous living medicine in that things that we think, do, feel or take, can either bring us to good health – as a form of good medicine – or take us away from health, as a form of bad medicine, ie, the wrong prescription.

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Universal Medicine

There is a universal form of medicine for humanity.

Our True Medicine is all encompassing, and it is not only the use of drugs, surgery, doctors and allied health – True Medicine is all of those things, but it is also more:

The way that we live and the choices that we make form the foundation and the essence of our own daily medicine

Everything that we do in our lives has an effect on us. We all know that there are some 'big’ things in life that affect our health adversely, such as alcohol, cigarettes, recreational drugs and driving recklessly, but we may not often think of the daily things that we do as having that much effect on our health.

When we consider things more closely we can see that –

  • Our thoughts affect us, having the power to make us feel loving and well, or ill
  • The way that we move our bodies affects us – moving them too hard and fast, or overloading them can cause injury and tension
  • The foods that we eat can affect us, either leaving us with energy, or making us feel dull and bloated or even drained
  • Even the way that we breathe affects us, with shallow breathing leaving us feeling anxious, and gentle breathing leaving us feeling connected
  • Even our relationships affect us – we all know that if our relationships are not loving, we can feel frustrated, angry, or sad, which definitely is not a healthy way of feeling


We have the power to choose everything in our lives

... and we do choose everything

Nothing comes into our bodies, including our thoughts, without us choosing the quality we are in first (and thus the quality of the thought or action we take).

Every single little thing that we live in our lives, comes from something that we choose, whether it be the meals that we eat, the way we drive, the relationships that we have, to even our thoughts and emotions. Yes, even our thoughts and emotions! We get to choose them too, and this is something that we will explore in this site.

Medicine is everything that we choose to live in our lives, including Conventional Medicine when we need it

If we consider that things that we do or consume can either bring us to health or take us away from health, we can start to see that every day, and every moment in every day is part of our medicine.

We live our own medicine every day and if we start to take power over our choices every day, we can start to make every little thing our good medicine and not our bad medicine.

"All one does in human life, is either ‘good medicine’ or ‘bad medicine’, and, there is no middle ground."

Serge Benhayon

We know that 80% of the top 10 causes of death are due to lifestyle causes, ie, the way that we live. So, if there is an increase in chronic illness and disease which is due to lifestyle factors, does that not tell us that there is something powerful about the way that we live?

Does that statistic not tell us, that we are living bad medicine more than good medicine?

If our lifestyle is so powerful in creating ill health, could it not be equally powerful in creating true health and vitality if we live it as good medicine?

None of us truly want to be ill, so ...

  • How can we live good medicine every day?
  • How can we make living medicine our own?

"Your truest form of medicine is the way that you live."

Serge Benhayon

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