Serge Benhayon – a real example of walking the talk

Serge Benhayon on health and fitness

Serge Benhayon – a real example of walking the talk

At 50 years of age, Serge Benhayon is a father of four adult children, grandfather of two, with more on the way. Serge maintains that 'in order to serve in life we must be fit for life'.

Serge works 16-18 hours a day, with retirement not holding a single breath of intention. He walks regularly and visits the gym once to twice per week where work permits. His fitness regime precisely emulates his teachings in respect and regards to the Gentle Breath Meditation® technique, without compromise.

Serge Benhayon’s all-round sensible, practical and consistent approach to living forth the truth of his philosophical works provides for us a great source of inspiration, relevant to modern times. Never before has the connection or balance between such rich philosophical teachings and wisdom been equally and successfully applied towards all aspects of life.

Serge is agile, reflective, dependable, consistent, dedicated, and committed like few are. He is willing to be the voice of humanity in an age where comfort and convenience pervade. Serge is not interested in solutions, rather always seeking the answers that bring a true benefit for all.

All in all, Serge Benhayon is a living example of a person who walks their entire talk.

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  • By Miranda Benhayon