If words could express – The Ageless Wisdom in overcoming anxiety and more

‘If words could express in full... profound would be the word... or perhaps stupendous.’


I walked each day with an uncertainty, with doubt, with apprehension. The anxiety held in my body I considered normal. I thought that was me. I felt so much and had no clue what to do with it.

Cue my first ever Chakra-puncture session.

I felt something different. Something that almost didn’t feel like me because I had normalised another state of being. But if I felt it, surely it must have been there the whole time, right? At this point I was pretty confused.

So I kept going back. Not fully understanding in my mind what was occurring but knowing in my body that it felt true and that it served a deeper purpose.

It reached the point where I became so thirsty to understand what was happening. I remember going into my sessions with hundreds of questions regarding The Ageless Wisdom teachings of Serge Benhayon. And when I finally had a firmer understanding of things, I really began to appreciate the totally beautiful and wondrous unfoldment I was experiencing... an unfoldment that never halts... a forever deepening.

Talk about turning points. These teachings left my body doing a full 360, more than once. It was like hitting factory reset ten times on everything I had ever been taught by the world around me. However, key point – every single one of these teachings felt completely and utterly natural, as if I already knew.

For the first time in my life, everything made sense; I didn’t have to go inside my brain for hours and nut out a solution, because the answers all came together: the beauty of the spherical nature of this world, the universe and the teachings.

If I were to break down some of the most monumental turning points these teachings have supported me through....

Pre the teachings

  • It felt like my mind and my body were separate: meaning I would do things at the expense of my body all the time, because there was a disconnect between the two. I didn’t feel like I was in my body... it was just this thing that I had to deal with when it got sick or unwell.
  • I did not feel true love in my body consistently. Minimal if any self-care i.e., not loving myself. Judging my every move and harming my body daily.
  • Work and life felt like a burden I didn’t want to contend with.
  • I was a suppressed version of myself... I so did not bring my all and be my full self with everyone I met.
  • Anxious about so much, I did not feel capable of handling life.
  • I absorbed everything that happened around me, and from other people. Which, quite frankly, felt awful.

Discovery of the teachings

My body went through a total detox of that which wasn’t true to me and I began to embrace every little thing it shouted at me because boy, is it loud. And the more I did, the more I discovered who I really was. I wasn’t what I ‘did’ – I was so much more than that. I let go of the idea that I was defined by all I could accomplish in one moment, one day, one week, one month, one year, one life. Instead, I embraced the present and what I felt right then. I discovered that when I slowed down, out of the drive I had put myself in, and let myself feel in the present moment, that I actually had more space for everything that needed to be attended to. Time wasn’t an on and off switch on my nervous system anymore. Yet another revelation that appeased my apprehension and anxiety.

Post discovery of the teachings

  • Realising that I am actually one being, I am not my mind and my body separated. This supports me to make choices that are healing and respectful of my body – listening to it far more closely.
  • Loving myself for real, which therefore includes my body, to the nth degree... which feels totally glorious... words cannot even describe. But if words could express in full, profound would be the word, or perhaps stupendous.
  • Being so much more aware of judgment, calling it out and removing it from my frame of thinking... this makes life so much lighter and brighter.
  • Wanting to work more, to commit more to life and bring my all. I actually love going to work so much. I leave work feeling fresh, rarely tired.
  • Bringing my all to the people I meet each day and not holding back – which removes the tension of trying to measure up to something else.
  • Holding a deeper trust for what is and how supported we truly are. Having this deeper trust has done wonders for the apprehension I used to experience.
  • Without perfection, observing what occurs around me so much more, and not taking on others’ emotions and issues into my body.


Today I walk with surety. I feel grounded and solid. Surrendered and still. Free. Two words from the lips of Serge Benhayon that I can never forget him saying – ‘Absolute Presence’. With presence, my life is not lacking. There is a fullness in every step and every moment. And in this absolute presence, there is joy.

And joy does not fade.

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  • By Giselle Isgro Lo Giudice, Personal Trainer ~ Cert III & IV in Fitness, Diploma of Chakra-Puncture

    I work in the health industry, namely in exercise, and I chose this field because I feel a deep love and care for people. It is a joy to be able to work alongside and support people with their quality, flow, connection and movement in their everyday life.

  • Photography: Kosta Constantinou