Serge Benhayon – Inspiration for Life

Having met Serge Benhayon about twelve years ago, my life and that of my immediate family has changed beyond anything we could have imagined. I have been introduced to having a relationship with the truth of myself in a way that has deepened everything.

My relationships have deepened with my two daughters in a way that we are now more open and honest with each other, and at a level I never thought was possible with a mother and daughter relationship. After thirty years of being with my husband there is more intimacy between us, playfulness, true appreciation for each other and what we bring; a deeper level of care and respect, and we even make time for a date during the week.

I am of an age where people typically would be thinking of retiring or what they will do when they retire, but this is not the case with me as I am embarking on a new career in teaching. In addition to learning new skills I volunteer in the local community teaching ESOL* classes, building my own blog page, working for an Estate Agent, and practising Esoteric Healing therapies on the weekend. All of this helps me to work on my commitment to life and for once I can say I have a very full-filled and rich life.

Living this way, my health has improved so much that I am not longer on medication. I have more energy than at any time in my adult life, have a totally different view of life, and can feel the wonder of being alive and well in myself. The relationship I have with myself is continually growing and changing in quality due to the growing appreciation I have for myself and for others.

Serge Benhayon, his family and the Esoteric Practitioners have tirelessly inspired me to make changes to how I live. The relationship I have with myself and others is continually showing me that there is more to this life than what I had settled for.

*English for Speakers of Other Languages

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  • By Julie Matson

  • Photography: Meg Valentine