Serge Benhayon – a shepherd of light

Some people walk into your life, and without doing anything other than being themselves, seem to have the ability to uplift and inspire you to transform your life in such a way that you could never go back to living it how it was, even if how you were living it seemed ok at the time.

Serge Benhayon is one such person for me. On the surface, he is just an ordinary person like you or me. But peer below the surface and you will find such an enormous depth of wisdom and such a huge well of love, that you will come to wonder how it can be contained in any one body.

Well, it can’t. Which brings me to one of my favourite qualities about Serge – that he is the most unselfish person that I have ever met as not an ounce of ‘self’ stands in the way of this man and his love. This is because he truly understands and honours the fact that what comes from deep within us can never be owned and kept but is there to be shared with all, as we all have equal share of it within ourselves. This is quite simply what the Soul looks like in human form – forever a reflection that we are each the every part of the every one of us.

While we each have a Soul, no exceptions, we do not always choose to connect with it and express through it. What I find inspiring about Serge is that he has the ability to consistently live the love and light of his Soul in a way that has encouraged me to also give it a go. Far from being an arduous task, it has been a joy to unfold what has been there all along and what’s more, it is permission to be playful. Not in the sense that you do not take things seriously or don’t work as hard, but in the sense that nothing seems insurmountable any more, your load lightens and no longer can you be bogged down with the burdens of carrying a whole heap of ‘stuff’ that is not yours to carry; that is, all that is not of the love that we are made from. And yes, while there is some serious work to be done here, we do not have to be so serious in doing it. It is our lightness of being and ability to work in harmony with each other that gets the job done.

By observing this very humble man I have learnt how truth (love) can be lived in such a way that it becomes the rhythm to which we walk and the tune to which we move. When others live it also, no matter their geographical location, we walk in time beside each other and together a divine chorus sounds, in true harmony with not a note out of place.

Before meeting Serge, I walked a discordant note. Seemingly void of true love (i.e. ignoring it), I became consumed by a way of living that was in complete reaction to the lack of love I could feel all around me in every facet of the world we have created. Angry and hurt I turned my back on the world and ‘walked away’ from love believing that the world, and thus love, had walked away from me.

But I have come to learn, through the wisdom on tap through Serge and the deep well within us all, that WE are the love we so desperately seek and or run from and as such, it takes more energy to resist this love than to be it. This was a revelation to me and is what called me to give up the fight and come in from the cold, back to the warmth of the home fire burning.

There are some who will say that Serge Benhayon has ‘followers’, but how do you follow someone who walks beside you?

It is not Serge who can be followed, but the light in him that helps illuminate the one true path until we are able to do so for ourselves.

Serge Benhayon is a shepherd in the truest sense, for he embodies this guiding light and by virtue of his living way is able to show us that it is not his way at all, but our way, for it is our true path home to the love within our hearts.

And so, it was with great joy and no surprise that I discovered within the sounding of his name, lives this very truth:

Serge: A protector, shepherd, attendant
Benhayon: Son of Light

Serge Benhayon is a great teacher, a humble student, a loyal friend, a wise philosopher and a devoted Son of God. He is loved by me and by many for the very simple reason that – love is so easy to love.

  • By Liane Mandalis, Childcare worker

    Writer, philosopher, lover of life, of people and of the vast Universe we are a glorious part of, mother, carer for children, devoted student of The Way of the Livingness and humble disciple to the truth.

  • Photography: Matt Paul